Virtual Program Recap 5
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Virtual Program Recap 5

While the library is closed, we’re offering virtual program opportunities to learn at home on our Facebook page!

Over the past week we put together a variety of science and art activities you can do at home with some common supplies. Watch the videos below to see what each activity is, and download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

Be sure to check the City of Plano calendar of events to see what’s happening with the Library and other City departments.


When the sun is shining, shadows are all around us. But what about inside? When an object passes in front of a light, it creates a shadow, and puppets are a great way to experiment with shadows. Watch how we made our own shadow puppets and played with light, so you can do it at home. 

Upcycled Engineering

Engineering is the process of creating and building structures, products, and systems by using math and science. An engineer is a person who does the engineering! Engineers solve problems with their inventions, and there is no telling what kiddos might build but when given things that don’t normally go together! Today we’re making a Coin Box Robot using a variety of household supplies like empty cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and glue, to solve the problem of where to put our spare change.

Paper Airplane Challenge

Aerodynamics is the study of how air moves around things. For airplanes, this movement is what helps them fly. There are four forces which affect airplanes: thrust, drag, gravity and lift. Just like jet and propeller planes, paper airplanes need to balance of all four forces to stay in the air. Today we’re making a paper airplane to see how it all works together. What kind of airplane will you make?

Algorithms with Pizza

Machines like phones, computers or robots, all use algorithms to tell them what to do. It is very important that their directions are clear and followed in order. During this Tiny Techies: Algorithms activity, you will learn how to use “code” to make a pizza!

Kandinsky-Inspired Art

Kandinsky was an artist who combined colors, melodies and philosophy. He would listen to music and let the music inspire him and give him ideas to make his abstract art using lines, shapes and colors. It’s time to turn on some tunes and get to making art!

Oil Spills

Sometimes when large ships that carry petroleum oil across the ocean start to leak, or oil drilling rigs malfunction, it can cause a disastrous mess. In this activity, we will simulate an oil spill disaster and do some hands-on cleanup.

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