Getting Started with Pronunciator
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Getting Started with Pronunciator

Learn new languages with the Plano Public Library! With your library card, you have access to 163 languages – all for free through the Pronunciator database.  

You can get instant access, or register for an account if you want to track your progress and use Pronunciator on a mobile device. After that, you will choose what language you speak and what you want to learn. Pronunciator offers courses in everything from Spanish to Hindi to Mandarin and more. 

Once you choose a language, you can select a learning path. The site offers Personalized Courses, a Main Course and Learning Guides. 

Personalized Courses

In Personalized Courses, you will be asked a series of questions, including your interests or occupation, plus your age range and skill level, so Pronunciator can create the right learning path for your needs. Once the course is created, you’ll be able to work through listening, reading comprehension and writing challenges. 

Main Course

Under the Main Course option, you can choose from the guided Postcard Course, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Go off the Beaten Path. Either choice will offer a variety of drills, quizzes and audio lessons. 

Learning Guides

With their Learning Guides, you will have access to structured, 8-week courses, city tours and interactive grammar based on your skill level. They even offer courses for ages as young as three, just in case you have kids at home who want to join in the fun.   

COVID-19 Language Help

Pronunciator also offers COVID-19 essential phrases in 101 languages. The courses teach specific vocabulary and phrases that will help you communicate across multiple languages in these unique circumstances.  

If you’re looking for more ways to dive into a new language, don’t forget to check out language learning books on Overdrive. Let the Plano Public Library guide you on your language learning journey! 

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