DIY Literacy with Library Make: Instruments
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DIY Literacy with Library Make: Instruments

Let’s make some noise on this episode of Library Make!

Music is a fantastic way for children to develop their language skills and have a lot of fun in the process. Singing along with a musical beat helps break down syllables in words and assists with letter and word recognition. This episode inspires musical creativity and boosts reading readiness with do-it-yourself instruments your child will love.

Singing develops language skills by slowing down language so children can hear the different sounds in words. This helps children learn new words and information.

Encourage your child to sing while playing the instruments, participating in the fun with them. Sing along with a song you both already know or something made up! Either way, you’ll be engaging important early literacy skills.

Download our DIY Instruments instruction guide to learn how and why to make these fun music makers for your early learner. Instructions include an introduction to the topic, a supply list, steps to make the activity as well as additional resources from the library.

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Be sure to head over to our YouTube channel for our Library Make video playlist. Learn how to make a shoe box flannel board, salt tray, fabric book and so much more. Happy making!

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