Eggs and Cheese Galore @ Cook the Book
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Eggs and Cheese Galore @ Cook the Book

Love to cook and want to share with others? Join us at Cook the Book!

Cook the Book meets monthly at Davis Library with different food themes each month. For March, we’re salivating over all things eggs and cheese (dairy or otherwise!) like mac and cheese, nut-based cheeses, dishes from Egg Shop in New York and ways to eat eggs any time of the day.

The March session of Cook the Book meets on March 17 at 1 p.m. There are four cookbooks on display at Davis Library for you to choose your recipe from:

How Cook the Book Works

  1. Stop by Davis Library to pick a recipe from a collection of thematic cookbooks.
  2. Ask a library staff member to make a copy of the recipe for you.
  3. Prepare your recipe. Be sure to write down your own suggestions or anything you may have changed.
  4. Sign the waiver.
  5. Show up at Davis Library to share your food with others.
  6. Repeat monthly.

Add these future Cook the Book dates to your calendar now:
April 21, Healthy Cooking
May 19, Best Ever Cookbooks
June 16, Casual Summer Dishes

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