Plano Reads: The Treadstone Resurrection
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Plano Reads: The Treadstone Resurrection

Read our review of The Treadstone Resurrection, new at Plano Public Library.

Author Hood has created a “Hold-on-Tight” action adventure that careens through the pages. This is not a Bourne book; however, repeated references to the Treadstone 71 group keep the backstory of The Bourne Identity always in your mind. The weapons are modern-day, the personnel are different, but the jobs remain the same. Adam Hayes is a former Treadstone 71 operative who has “gone off the grid” for the past few years. He walked away and attempted to have a “normal” life.

With the opening of one email, Adam finds himself on the run, a target from an unknown entity. As he fights for his life, he tries to determine who wants him dead and why. Old tricks and training come to the forefront; along with the dormant life-saving skills, old memories also arrive. Old attitudes try to take control.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from library staffer Douglas:

The reader suffers – physically, emotionally, psychologically – along with Adam throughout the story. I anxiously looked forward to this story, hoping I would not be disappointed. I was not. For all fans of The Bourne Identity, this work is a very valuable addition to the story line. It is well worth your time. This work contain graphic violence and is recommended for adult readers.

PPL Staffer Douglas


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