How to Make & Boost your Brand at the Library
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How to Make & Boost your Brand at the Library

Learn the basics of branding through community partners and library resources.

A brand represents a promise of what others can expect from a product, company or individual.

According to Investopedia, “a brand is seen as one of a company’s most valuable assets. It represents the face of the company, the recognizable logo, slogan or mark that the public associates with the company.” If you are building a business, a non-profit or your own career, being memorable is important, especially when looking for a new position, potential partners or funding.

How do I build my brand?

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Andrella Thomas, a Human Resources Consultant with Capital One, is teaching Elevating Your Personal Brand on Wednesday, November 13 at 6:30 pm at Haggard Library. During this interactive session, participants will explore elements that make up their brand and learn effective techniques aimed to elevate personal and professional brands. No registration is required for this workshop!

Want some follow-up materials? We have plenty on branding and marketing in print and digital format:

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Use your library card to access print and online resources to learn more about branding
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