Plano Learns: Chess
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Plano Learns: Chess

Two of the newest programs this summer are Chess for Beginners and a monthly Chess Meet-Up! Both are for ages 13 and up.

Chess for Beginners meets on Saturday, June 8 from 3-4:30pm at Davis Library. Learn about the basics and history of chess, then play a few beginner games. Although some chess sets will be provided, you can bring your own sets too to learn.

Chess Meet-Up meets monthly on Wednesday from 6:30-8pm at Davis Library: June 19, July 17 and August 21. Take a moment to sit and play chess with other beginners.

Want to learn more? Check out these books and magazines from the library:

British Chess Magazine, available through the Libby app
This monthly digital magazine has a unique focus on the British chess scene while covering major news and events internationally.

Chess for Beginners special magazine, available through the Libby app
Everything you need to know to get started with the game of chess.

Move by Move: Life Lessons On and Off the Chessboard by Maurice Ashley Print
A little book of life advice drawing on the timeless wisdom of chess from Maurice Ashley, the first African American Chess Grandmaster. In short chapters with practical takeaways, this book reaches from the fundamental to the counterintuitive on subjects ranging from self-knowledge to strategic thinking to the importance of failure.

The Queen of Chess: How Judit Polgar Changed the Game by Laurie Wallmark Print
The queen of chess, Judit Polgar, dazzled the world as a prodigy, winning tournaments, gold medals, and defeating eleven world champions, including Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen. At her peak, Judit was rated the eighth best chess player in the world.

How to Win at Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Beyond by Levy Rozman Print | eBook
Learn chess from International Master and YouTube’s top chess teacher Levy Rozman (aka GothamChess) in this refreshing and fun guide for beginner and intermediate players.

Black & White: the Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer by Julian Voloj Print
A graphic novel biography following the life of Bobby Fischer, from chess wunderkind and national hero to his eventual spiral into madness and infamy.

Not an Easy Win by Chrystal Giles Print
Nothing has gone right for twelve-year old Lawrence since his Pop went away, but after getting expelled from school for fighting he discovers the world of chess and things begin to change.

Chess by Tom Jackson Print
Get to know the major players on the chessboard and find out the different moves they make to try and capture the King. See how a game of chess unfolds from Opening to Endgame and pick up some top tips and strategies along the way.

Chess by Mari Bolte Print
An introductory look at the game of Chess. Describes the history of the game, introduces the creators and innovators, highlights competitions, and provides insight about the game’s future.

Chess for Beginners by Jon Tremaine Print
This book gives a thorough, but simple, overview of the basic rules and moves of chess. From how to use each piece to some popular strategies, the game play outlined helps new players head right to the chess board after reading!

Chess Queens: the True Story of a Chess Champion and the Greatest Female Players of All Time by Jennifer Shahade Print
Through her own story as well as interviews with international players, Jennifer invites us into the extremely competitive world of chess. She shows us the rivalry and the camaraderie; the ecstatic highs and the excruciating losses; the glamour and the hard work.

The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games by Wesley So Print
The 145 greatest chess games of all time, selected, analyzed, re-evaluated and explained by a team of British and American experts and illustrated with over 1,100 chess diagrams.

How a King Plays: 64 Chess Tips From a Kid Champion by Oliver Boydell Print
Eleven-year-old national chess champion Oliver Boydell presents sixty-four chess tips.

Chess for Dummies by James Eade eBook
Whether you’re playing chess online, in a tournament, or across the dining room table with a family member or friend, this hands-on guide is sure to capture your interest (and your opponent’s queen), getting you up to speed on the game and its components and giving you the know-how you need to put the principles of play into action from the opening to the endgame.

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