Learn About Wind Energy at PPL
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Learn About Wind Energy at PPL

Harness the Wind: Clean Energy meets on Tuesday, February 20 at 2 pm at Haggard Library. This is for all ages. During this workshop, you will learn about how wind can be a source of energy and about clean energy production for the future. Enjoy hands-on activities to practice problem-solving and creativity.

The Wind Energy Club at the University of Texas at Dallas has guest-written this blog post! Continue reading to learn more about this event.

Harness the Wind: Clean Energy is an event hosted by the Wind Energy Club at the University of Texas at Dallas. Comet Wind hosts interactive and educational events about wind energy throughout the DFW area. Our team strives to inspire the younger generations to pursue STEAM careers. We see a vision where clean, renewable energy powers our future, and we hope to prepare our community for the realization of this future.

The stations we prepared for Harness the Wind will bring more scientific minds into materializing a clean future.

Alternative Energy Playing Cards
Our Alternative Energy Playing Cards are educational and cute! We created 18 unique cards based on different sources of energy utilized around the world. You have to beat us in a fun card game to earn one of our special cards!

Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits is a gateway for any kids looking to learn more about the concepts of electricity. At this station, you’ll have the chance to do fun experiments like seeing a saucer soaring through the air! You’ll get hands-on with creating your own cool devices.

An alternative energy twist on the classic game show. The questions are made for one to flex their knowledge in renewable and sustainable technologies. You’ll also get the chance to buzz in, racing to get the correct answer!

Build Your Own Wind Turbine
In this event, you will build your own miniature paper wind turbine. You can decorate it however you want, but also keep in mind to make the blades of the wind turbine powerful and efficient. The more powerful your wind turbine is, the more candies you earn!

Wind Turbine Tour
The UTD Wind Energy team is one of the best in the nation. Our turbine from last year will be available for viewing and for an informative tour. If you enjoy the working parts of engineering projects we’ll be glad to show you our team’s wind turbine!

At this storytime, we will be reading a story called “Gust” written by Katie Meyer and illustrated by Brigid Malloy. It is about a wind turbine finding purpose at a seaport. Come and listen to this engaging story!

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