Just Added: Ukrainian
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Just Added: Ukrainian

Your Plano Public Library has books in dozens of languages within the World Language and Junior World Language collections. We have recently added Ukrainian books to this collection. Keep reading to learn more!

Print Books

All five locations have World Language and Junior World Language collections. We have print materials in dozens of languages other than English. These are listed in order of quantity of books in each language:

  • Chinese (9,500)
  • Spanish (6,200)
  • Hindi (1,000)
  • Korean (600)
  • Japanese (580)
  • Russian (470)
  • Vietnamese (250)
  • French (200)
  • German (150)
  • Urdu (140)
  • Arabic (116)
  • and more!

The Ukrainian collection has only just started – with 20 books. These books are starting at Parr Library, but float like all other books in our collection. You can place a hold in the catalog and have the book brought to any of our other locations for pick-up.

For eBooks, we have two books in Ukrainian which you can read on the Libby app.

Learn Ukrainian

With your library card, you have access to Pronunciator, a language-learning app! There are more than 200 languages you can explore, including Ukrainian. You can use this tool in your Internet browser or in an app on a smart device. The app Pronunciator uses is called Bluebird, and you can download it from your app store to an Android, Apple and Kindle Fire device.

Within Pronunciator, choose which language you speak and which language you want to learn. It then provides the course content for that language. For Ukrainian:

  • Main Course with structured drills, quizzes, audio lessons, movies, music and more
  • Chat with real-time virtual text chat
  • Grammar Compendium with 100 grammatical topics and thousands of examples
  • Translation
  • Daily Lessons for when you want something quick
  • Personalized Courses created just for you
  • Learning Guides for travel prep, early learners and healthcare
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