Eclipse Ahead! and more
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Eclipse Ahead! and more

Eclipses are cool, even if the sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit – and this October is your chance to see one!

According to NASA, a solar eclipse will be visible on October 14 over North, Central and South America. As excited as we at PPL are to see this out-of-this-world event, looking directly at an eclipse is dangerous, so join us as we talk about all things eclipses – and about how we can watch them without hurting our eyes!

Haggard Library is hosting two programs ahead of the big day, where we’ll be learning about eclipses and our sun:

Eclipse Ahead! | Saturday, September 23 at 3pm at Haggard Library

With the upcoming eclipses on the horizon come learn about the history, science and safety in observing them. Presented by NASA Solar System Ambassador Les Murray. This is a ticketed event, and free tickets are available 30 minutes before the program begins.

Let’s Talk About the Sun | Monday, October 9 at 3pm ay Haggard Library

Learn about our sun then channel the sun’s radiant energy for artistic expression. This is a ticketed event, and free tickets are available 30 minutes before the program begins.

Interested in learning more? Check out these books and more during your visit:

Eclipses by Jane P. Gardner Request

In Eclipses, early fluent readers will explore different kinds of eclipses while learning the science behind these amazing sights. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they explore the built world around them

The Sun and Our Solar System by World Book Request

Presents facts about the composition, atmosphere, and history of exploration of the sun and features large illustrations and photographs.

You can also visit NASA’s website to learn more about this year’s eclipse, including where and when to view it, what safety measures you should take, activities and more! Check out our blog to keep up to date with Plano Public Library’s STEAM programs and resources, or check out past content.

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