Teen Street Team Recommends: Libby
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Teen Street Team Recommends: Libby

Have you tried an eBook? How about listening to an eAudiobook while you jog or cook? Get access to thousands of books and magazines (for free!) on your smart device through the Libby app, using your Plano Public Library card.

Libby Quick Facts

  • Ages: Kindergarten through adults
  • Requires: Plano Public Library card and internet access (to download)
  • Compatibility: Apple, Android, or any Internet browser

Continue reading for a review of the Libby app from Teen Street Team member Adithis.

Libby’s icon is a minimalist maroon dot peeking out over a turquoise book. But, don’t let the app’s deceptively simple appearance fool you — Libby completely transforms the experience of eBooks and audiobooks. 

As everything from school tests to toothbrushes transitions to become electronic, online books are a natural next step. Libby contains thousands of audiobooks, eBooks, and magazines for every genre and age, essentially serving as a digital library. To utilize the service, download the app, simply log in with your Plano Library credentials, and you can begin placing holds and checking out up to ten items. Beyond the utility, Libby also upgrades the reader’s experience with custom progress trackers, a sleep-timer feature for audiobooks, and a built-in dictionary that allows readers to search unknown vocabulary without leaving the app. Furthermore, the app is highly accessible: the reading settings, font, and pages can be altered to accommodate individuals with specialized visual or audio needs. 

Like most young people, I find it difficult to carve out time out of my rigorous schedule and purposefully visit the library, but having Libby has allowed me to read more consciously. Rather than impulsively scroll through social media in my free time, I am inclined to read a few pages on my phone. For school assignments, I use Libby to check out and cite reliable nonfiction books. 

This service has helped me gain access to free and expansive resources, even when I can’t physically visit the library. Libby offers an incredible source of untapped fiction, non-fiction, and children’s or young-adult literature. All in all, the most appealing aspect of this service is that it is entirely free of cost and accessible with a Plano Public Library card! 

To learn about using Libby with your Plano Public Library card, check out our Getting Started Guide and “Something About Libby” blog series, which explores specific features within the app.

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