Teen Street Team Reads: Nightrender
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Teen Street Team Reads: Nightrender

Members of the Teen Street Team share their book recommendations in this monthly series. This month, our guest blogger gives a review of Nightrender by Jodi Meadows.

Teen Street Team member Kevin is our guest blogger for this month and gives his review of Nightrender.

Nightrender by Jodi Meadows – Request

Kingdoms will fall, gods will die, and hearts will be broken in this sprawling new fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Jodi Meadow.

In the middle of nothingness is the Island of Salvation.   
Reality bends easily here. Villages disappear. Forests burn forever. Pockets of inconsistent time are everywhere, their boundaries strung with yellow ribbon. And the three kingdoms of Salvation have been at war for a thousand years.  
But the greatest threat is the Malice, an incursion from the demon plane slowly tearing its way through the world’s weakest seams. Seams that—once split—will lead to the total unraveling of night and day, light and dark, life and death. 
Not that the human world takes much interest. Of more concern is the upcoming marriage of Rune Highcrown, Prince of Caberwill, and Johanne Fortuin, Princess of Embria—the serpent bride, a girl of famous cunning—which offers a possible end to the ancient conflict. But Rune has noticed the growing darkness, and he is determined to summon mankind’s only defense: Nightrender, the hammer of the gods, an immortal warrior more weapon than girl.
There is only one problem. The last time she was summoned, she slaughtered every royal in Salvation, and no one knows why. Will she save humanity from the Malice… or plunge it deeper into the fires of eternal war?”

Nightrender is a fiction book written by Jodi Meadows. This book takes place on the Island of Salvation. Reality bends, causing entire villages to disappear and pockets of inconsistent time. The Island of Salvation has three kingdoms that have been at war for a thousand years. However, an incursion from the demon plane named the Malice is the biggest threat. This is because the Malice is slowly tearing its way through the world’s weakest seams. However, Prince Rune is determined to summon the Nightrender, who is the hammer of the gods, and mankind’s only defense. Unfortunately, the human world doesn’t care too much. Most of the focus is on an upcoming marriage. Worst yet, the last time Nightrender was summoned, she slaughtered every Royal in Salvation. Summoning Nightrender may save humanity or plunge it further into chaos. Because of this plot, you are always on the edge of your seat. Additionally, the setting of the book is very interesting and creative, and the idea of such a different world with different laws of nature is extremely intriguing. However, this results in complicated lore that may not be suited for some readers. Furthermore, there is some drama, but I believe it is negligible. For the most part, all these things elevate the reading experience. If you love books with complex plots, lore, and a sprinkle of drama, I highly recommend reading Nightrender. 

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