Plano Learns: Deep Dive into Canva
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Plano Learns: Deep Dive into Canva

Are you trying to boost your marketing toolkit? Make a brand package for easy promotions? That’s where Canva comes in, and you can learn how to use Canva from the library.

Canva is an online graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, videos and other visual content. There are templates, stock images and video, and many other tools to help you achieve your branding and promotional goals. Canva has a simple drag-and-drop format, and you can upload your own images, videos and fonts in addition to using what is available.

Canva has been around since 2012, and over the years has added a plethora of features to make this a powerhouse of a marketing tool, especially for people who aren’t particularly design-savvy or have the time to create content from scratch. Canva has different plans, including free accounts, team accounts, and even options for educators and non-profits.

We have previously taught an introductory class on Canva, which you can watch on the library’s YouTube channel:

Curious what we’re going to go over in this four-part series? Check out the schedule below, and be sure to register for the workshop. You only need to register once to access all classes, and recordings will be available on the library’s YouTube channel.

Basics and Branding

Tuesday, November 29 at 3pm
Get an overview of the Canva workspace and build your own brand kit with fonts, logos and color swatches

12/5/22 Update – Here’s the recording from the 11/29 class:

Social Media & Content Planning

Tuesday, December 6 at 3pm
Explore Canva templates and tools for social media, build a suite of marketing graphics and schedule your content for posting

12/12 Update – Here’s the recording of the 12/6 class:


Tuesday, December 13 at 3pm
Create simple marketing videos using Canva templates, stock video content and audio

Print Marketing

Tuesday, December 20 at 3pm
Use Canva templates, photos and your branding kit to make flyers, posters, business cards and brochures

Register to attend this Zoom webinar series live, and get reminder emails about the classes.

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