Financial Literacy: Counting Coins
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Financial Literacy: Counting Coins

Help your child learn about money and improve math skills with our Counting Coins program!

This program offers different activities to help your child learn the different types of money and count out different amounts, using their math skills. For younger children, the act of sorting money can help to improve motor skills.

Our next Counting Coins program will be happening at Davis Library on Saturday, November 26th at 3 pm. This program is come-and-go, so no ticket is needed. This is a program made for children ages K-5, but all ages are welcome to join us!

We will also be offering this program in December, so check out our Engage brochure for more details.

Check out these titles for kids about coins and counting money:

Coins by Dana Meachen Rau – Request

Carnival Coins: how will we count our money? by Donna Loughran – Request

A dollar, a penny, how much and how many? by Brian P. Cleary – Request

The coin counting book by Rozanne Lanczak Williams – Request

What is money anyway? : why dollars and coins have value by Jennifer S. Larson – Request

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