Business & Financial eMagazines at Plano Public Library
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Business & Financial eMagazines at Plano Public Library

Keep up with the latest in finance and business news with Plano Public Library! Using your Plano Public Library card, you have access to eMagazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes on your phone, tablet or computer.

Flipster is the library’s primary source for eMagazines. You can download the app on your tablet or phone, or go to our website under eBooks & More. By clicking on the Business link under Categories, you can browse a handful of magazines focusing on finance and business news, including:

While you can view the latest issues of the above titles, not all results will be up to date. You can create an account to get alerts when new issues are added, or save pages or searches to view later, though you can still view these magazines without one.

If you’re looking for more magazines, especially on international business news, you can also check out Pressreader from our eBooks & More page. Pressreader certainly has a greater focus on news, with issues available in over 60 different languages:

Interested in learning more about business and finance? Check out our latest Thinking Money posts for library resources and programs related to building financial literacy.

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