Reel Reading: Graphic Novels
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Reel Reading: Graphic Novels

Hello, fellow graphic novel enthusiasts! This month’s Reel Reading meeting is on Monday, June 27 from 7-8p.m. at Haggard Library. This month’s meeting will be extra special, not only because the genre is graphic novels, but it’s also the very first in-person Reel Reading meeting!

Teen Street Team member Huda is our guest blogger for this month and tells us about their favorite graphic novels.

Personally, graphic novels have been that genre that’s been fun and interesting to read each time.

My favorite graphic novel series is Raina Telgemier’s books such as Smile, Sisters and Drama. The way the plot of the story is illustrated in comic-strip form is so interesting to me because I get to actually see the stories of the characters unfold in front of my eyes while following along through dialogue portrayed in text bubbles. Another personal favorite has to be the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. As a middle schooler, reading the series drew me in more than any other type of book because of its continuously evolving plot with illustrations that evolve with it. I loved the excitement of finding out that another book from the series was coming out because that meant another weekend of binging the book.

Aside from these series, one of my all-time favorites has to be the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russell. I can confidently say that whenever another book came out, I was the first to bring it home. Until this day, I still have almost the entire series.

That’s the thing about graphic novels; they’re timeless. I’ve read these series in middle school and would read them again as a high schooler because I’ll never get bored of them. Graphic novels will never get old and they are one of the few books that grow up with you as you read them all over again.

Interested in more books like these? Here are some recommendations:

  • Smile by Raina Telgemeier Print | eBook
  • Sisters by Raina Telgemeier Print | eBook
  • Drama by Raina Telgemeier Print | eBook
  • Guts by Raina Telgemeier Print | eBook
  • Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier Print | eBook
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney All
  • Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russell All
  • Baby Mouse series by Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm All
  • Captain Underpants series by Dave Pilkey All

Hope to see you at Reel Reading on Monday, June 27th at 7p.m.!

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