Get You Some Pi
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Get You Some Pi

Come celebrate Pi Day with Plano Public Library! Not to be confused with Pie Day (which is actually January 23rd, for those interested), Pi Day falls on March 14 (or 3.14) and is a celebration of Pi. We will be hosting our Pi Celebration program a few days earlier at Schimelpfenig Library on Saturday, March 12 @ 3 p.m. Join us for some fun and games you can use in your own Pi Day festivities!

Let’s celebrate Pi with activities and calculations. Pi or 3.14 is useful and fun, come see the many ways to have fun with Pi.

If you’d like to learn more about Pi, or are looking for Pi-related entertainment, check out these titles in celebration of Pi Day:

Circles by David Adler Request

Why Pi? by Johnny Ball Request

Circles by Jan Kottke Request

Happy Pi-Day to You! by Bonnie Worth Request

Circles by Teddy Borth Request

Circles by Dana Meachen Rau Request

Sir Cumference and the dragon of pi: a math adventure by Cindy Neuschwander Request

Circles by Dana Meachen Rau Request

The Joy of [Pi] by David Blatner Request

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