Learn How to Create and Edit Video
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Learn How to Create and Edit Video

Plano Public Library has a space for you to work on digital projects like video and photo editing, audio recording and illustration designing: Digital Creation Spaces.

Haggard and Parr Libraries have these Digital Creation Spaces, which are open to anyone ages 13+ with a Plano Public Library card. There are computers with Adobe Creative Cloud and a variety of equipment to help you with your digital projects (microphones, keyboards, cameras). Each space features a green screen wall and lighting equipment, too. Click here for more information about the hours for this space.

Within the Digital Creation Spaces and via Zoom, Plano Public Library offers seasonal workshops so you can learn how to use a variety of software and tools to complete digital projects. For January 2022, our focus is on video. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming class and library resources.

Video is king in the marketing world, and even if you have never recorded nor edited a video we can get you moving on the right path.

During our Premiere: Basics workshop, you will learn the basics of editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro. This class will take you through creating your project and importing your media, commonly used editing tools and the final export process. Premiere: Basics meets on Tuesday, January 25 at 6:30pm at Parr Library in the Digital Creation Space. Space is limited, with tickets available 30 minutes prior.

If you can’t make this session, check out a previously recorded virtual class on our YouTube channel.

Additional Learning Resources

The library has a wealth of resources to help you learn something new. Here are a few ways you can explore video editing with your library card:

Video Basics

The Hold Up: An Editing Exercise With Roger Ebert, available on Kanopy
Mr. Ebert’s commentary provides insights into basic editing techniques such as matching action, parallel editing and continuity as well as the effects of camera angles, point of view and reaction shots. The film concludes with two edited versions, illustrating the widely different approaches an editor might take in assembling the sequence.

Basic Video Production, available on Kanopy
This is a playlist on basic video production which introduces students who are interested in the topic to things that are necessary to production, including camera operation, audio, lighting, and editing.

YouTube Channels For Dummies, available as eBook
This updated guide offers insight from a quartet of YouTube channel content creators, managers, marketers, and analysts as they share the secrets of creating great content, building an audience, and interacting with your viewers.

Digital Marketing Foundations, available on LinkedIn Learning
Includes: “The impact of video marketing” and “Getting started with video marketing”

Adobe Premiere

Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training, available on LinkedIn Learning
Instructor and filmmaker Ashley Kennedy teaches all the essentials while building a short promo video from start to finish. Learn how to edit video and audio, correct color, add titles and effects, and more.

If you want hands-on experience building a video timeline and editing the content, come to the Premiere: Basics class on January 25 at 6:30pm at Parr Library in the Digital Creation Space. Space is limited, with tickets available 30 minutes prior.

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