Technology Tips for Kids: Pair Apps with Physical Activities
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Technology Tips for Kids: Pair Apps with Physical Activities

Technology is all around us and is a part of our daily lives. Your child will encounter technology at an early age, so building a healthy relationship needs to start now. Our Tech Tips for Kids series will help you set up your child for success. 

Today’s Tech Tip for Kids is: Pair Apps with Physical Activities

Using technology can often produce a sedentary lifestyle and many kids would rather spend summertime indoors on the couch rather than outside playing. Given our Texas summers, sometimes it’s hard to blame them. However, using apps and technology together with healthy physical activity can make both things more enjoyable. 

There are many apps out there that will encourage and even track your child’s physical activity. Some of them even offer games along the lines of what we are discussing here. You should feel free to explore those options and see if there is something available that you feel would be beneficial both physically and something your child would enjoy. 

Having said that, you certainly don’t need an app to get your child more active and outside the house. Simply take an aspect of what they are playing with on their device and apply that to a physical activity. For example, if your child is playing a shapes game then take them on a shapes walk. Go outside or to a playground and show them all the different shapes all around them. This will help your child apply what they see and learn on their device with what they experience in the outside world. 

For many, technology, devices and screens seem like the opposite of healthy physical activity, and for many, this, unfortunately, is the case. However, if you take the time to pair technology with physical activity in creative and enjoyable ways, your child could reap the benefits of both. 

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