Budget Travel
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Budget Travel

Visit the library to get great travel ideas for the rest of 2021 while stretching your budget. 

Spend some time browsing the shelves for inspiration on various vacation destinations: head straight to the 910s in the nonfiction shelves! Did you know that a Dewey number on the spine label that starts with 914 indicates European destinations? A number that starts with 917 indicates North American locations, including all of the United States, and 917.64 is the number for Texas. In the catalog, search your destination (say, Scotland), and choose “Adult Non-Fiction” in the Shelf Location filter to easily find travel books for Scotland.

Walk a little further, and you’ll find magazines with more up-to-date articles for travel planning. Check out issues of Texas Monthly or D Magazine to get ideas for local destinations that may just cost a tank of gas. You can find many travel eMagazines through PressReader and the Libby app!

According to a recent Nerdwallet article, it may be more economical to check airline websites for the cheapest flights first, and then determine your ultimate destination based on those findings. 

You may have travel vouchers from cancelled 2020 plans. Combining those with accumulated loyalty points from credit cards or hotel membership accounts could make upgrading your accommodations more affordable. You may have to cancel and rebook several times to get a deal you can accept.

As always, saving money while planning a vacation will take a little research and a little perseverance, but your Plano Library is here to help.

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