Getting Started with Procitizen
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Getting Started with Procitizen

Do you need to get started on studying for your Naturalization test? Let Procitizen help you on your journey! Click the link to get access to this resource available through Plano Public Library/

You will need a Plano Public Library card to use Procitizen. You can apply online here.


Procitizen prepares you for the Naturalization test through videos and quizzes. It covers all the required topics: civics, reading, and writing. The format is easy to follow and make learning easy!

Once you click on the link you’ll see this page. If this is your first time, you have two choices.

  1. Get “Instant Access” by clicking on the green button. You will be able to access all the video and quizzes on the website without creating an account. However, none of your progress will be saved.
  2. Create an account by clicking on the blue “Register” button. You will be able to access all the content and your progress will be saved. You will be able to keep track of how you are improving.

Once you click “Launch Procitizen”, the class begins right away.

This first class gives you an overview on what you can expect from this application. It’s a useful video to watch on your first time.

To change to a different level, click on the arrow next to “Introduction” in the top bar. You’ll notice in the second picture all the different topics you can pick from.

Each topic has an educational video, a spelling and writing question, and a pronunciation activity. There are around 100 questions spread over 12 Levels. You can change questions by clicking on the arrow next to “Question 1.”

Sometimes you need to a phrase to be repeated more than once to help you learn. By clicking on , you will then be able to choose how many times you would like the phrase to be repeated.

If you click on in the top bar, you will be able to view your current progress. By creating an account you will be able to view your progress even after logging out.

Procitizen is a great resource to use. It is only one of the many resources we have available. Don’t hesitate to ask a librarian for more information or visit our website!

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