Financial Literacy: Career Planning for Kids and Teens
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Financial Literacy: Career Planning for Kids and Teens

Do your kids have big career dreams? Help them explore their options with the Plano Public Library!

Discussing future jobs is a great way to start conversations about financial literacy with your family. At the Plano Public Library, we offer plenty of materials to help you kids explore a variety of career paths. Here are some of the more recent publications that you can find in the system:

So You Want to be President of the United States by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan: Describes the requirements, roles, and responsibilities of the president of the United States, and how to get on the path to achieving the highest position in United States government. Print Copy

Meteorologist by Karen Latchana Kenney: In Meteorologist, carefully leveled text and vibrant, full-color photographs take early fluent readers on an informational interview with a scientist. Readers learn about the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of this career and the things they can do now to prepare for work as a meteorologist. Print Copy

You Can Be an Entomologist! by Dino J. Martin: There are more than one million different kinds of insects in the world … and curious young minds seem to have just as many questions about them! This book is set up in a child-friendly, question-and-answer format, and has lots of wonderful images, too. Children will learn how real scientists observe insects, capture them to study up close, and release them back into the wild. Print Copy

Jobs To Do by Learning Ladders: Introduction to different careers and occupations using simple text, illustrations, and photos. Features include puzzles and games, fun facts, a resource list, and an index. Print Copy

If you’re looking for more vocational guidance books to explore, check out our catalog.

Additional Financial Literacy Resources

For the teens in your life, we also offer a variety of resources. To play around with jobs and budgets, check out the recording of our virtual Game of Life program here:

Since some jobs require college degrees, you can help your teen assess their future with this Teen Finance Series: College Financing Information for Teens on our CREDO Reference database.

We hope that these resources help you on your financial literacy journey. Check out more of our Thinking Money posts, including booklists. You can find all of these and more at your local Plano Public Library!

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