Technology Tips for Kids:  Create a Routine
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Technology Tips for Kids: Create a Routine

Technology is all around us and is a part of our daily lives. Your child will encounter technology at an early age, so building a healthy relationship needs to start now. Our Tech Tips for Kids series will help you set-up your child for success. 

Today’s Tech Tip for Kids is: Create a Routine

Most children do better when they have a stable, predictable routine they can count on and stick to. Waking up, eating, bath time and bedtime become easier for everyone to manage when they come at consistent points in your child’s day. The same thing can be said about establishing a consistent, predictable routine with your child in regards to technology. 

The first thing to do is establish how much time with technology you are going to allow your child to have each day. When establishing this time limit try to avoid adjusting it for any reason until the limit becomes a habit your child can predict. After that you can start adjusting the time; giving them more time potentially for good behavior or taking time away when they act up. 

It is also a good idea that they have their technology time at the same time each day. This gives them an idea when they can expect it and knowing when it is time keeps them from guessing about it and allows them to focus on other activities. 

Lastly, have a designated place for your child’s technology time. This should be somewhere you can observe or, more ideally work with, your child and answer any questions they might have. A designated place is not as significant as time and amount but as much predictability you can create, the better and easier it will be on your child. 

Creating a routine sets your child’s expectations; they know and understand what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and for how long. Once this routine is established it will help avoid any difficulty when it is time to step away from the device or activity. A little consistency can go a long way toward establishing a good relationship between your child and their devices. 

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