Tech Tip for Kids: Use Technology for Communication
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Tech Tip for Kids: Use Technology for Communication

Technology is all around us and is part of our daily lives. Your child will encounter technology at an early age, so building a healthy relationship with technology needs to start now. Our Tech Tip for Kids will help you set your child up for success.

Today’s Tech Tip for Kids is: Use Technology for Communication

Over the past year connecting with loved ones who may live far away may have been difficult if not downright impossible. Whether it is a grandparent, an aunt or uncle or even a best friend, these types of relationships are very important to your child and technology can be a great help in maintaining communication even if they can’t physically be present.

With technology apps like Skype or using your phone’s Facetime or video chat features face-to-face connecting with a loved one or treasured friend is as easy as a phone call. And helps keep your child exposed to relationships that will help them understand and define their history and family.

Another great way to connect your child with a loved one is to make time at bedtime (or any good time throughout the day) and let your far-away loved one read your child a bedtime story. This kind of face-to-face communication is more valuable than just connecting with each other through a phone call or similar, voice-only contact.

Studies show that face-to-face video communication encourages children to stay engaged longer and opens up a wealth of options they can do with their loved one such as; reading books, singing songs and fingerplays, storytelling or even show and tell.

There are a myriad things children and loved one’s can do together face-to-face as opposed to a simple phone or voice conversation. However, easily the most important aspect of video chat is your child being able to see and connect with your far-away loved one’s face.

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