Building Financial Literacy: Check Out These STEAM Kits
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Building Financial Literacy: Check Out These STEAM Kits

Teaching your child about money basics? Plano Public Library is here to help!

Plano Public Library is #MoreThanBooks, and today we intend to prove it by highlighting some of our incredible STEAM kits. For those who still haven’t heard, STEAM kits include games, toys, tools, DVD’s and, yes, books to help teach skills and topics to life-long learners of all ages. Today we’re going to focus on a handful of kits thoughtfully put together for our littlest learners to help teach them math skills and money management.

Preschool Counting

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This kit includes three books, two number matching games and a number maze, all in one fun package!

Elementary Addition and Subtraction

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Careful! Our Addition and Subtraction kit comes with a bunch of pieces (give or take), or about 100 activity and flash cards, a math board game and some assorted math rods and counters. It also includes two books and an Addition and Subtraction Rap DVD.

Elementary Money

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Ready to get your hands on some (play) cash? Our first Money kit comes with a cash and coin set, with supplementary book, a Money Bags game and Menu Math activity, along with another book and DVD to read and watch between games and activities.

Elementary Money II

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If you can’t get your hands on one of our Money kits, Money II features Dollar and Cents Pocket Value, Money Cubes and the same set of books and DVD’s as the previous kit (plus a new title you won’t find in Money I).

Elementary Number Sense

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Our Number Sense kit will help you child become more comfortable with manipulating numbers. This kit has a ton of pieces, featuring Place Value blocks, Place Value and Activity cards, a number line, two books and a DVD. By giving children different ways to see and use numbers, our hope is that your child will enjoy and enhance their math skills.

If you’re looking for more material on financial literacy, check out these titles from our Junior DVD section:

Financial literacy for students: grades K-2, Request here

Financial literacy for students: grades 3-5, Request here

Saving, spending & investing money, Request here

Rock ‘n learn. Money & making change, Request here

Addition & subtraction rock, Request here

We hope that these resources and more help you and your little learners on your financial literacy journey. Check out more of our Thinking Money posts, including booklists. You can find all of these and more at your local Plano Public Library. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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