Puppet Book Talk: Paolo
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Puppet Book Talk: Paolo

Pasquale Fettucine came from Italy to tell us about his favorite book, Paolo: Emperor of Rome by Mac Barnett.

Paolo: Emperor of Rome by Mac Barnett

Available as: Print Book

Other titles by Mac Barnett

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole
Rules of the House 
Count the Monkeys 
President Taft is Stuck in the Bath 

Paolo Read-Alikes

Search our catalog for more books on Italy and Rome.

Dodsworth in Rome by Tim Egan
Let’s Visit Rome by Lisa Manzione
Dixie in Danger by Julie Sykes
A Roman Adventure by Frances Durkin
In Spanish – Los atrevidos : ¡aventura en Roma! by Elsa Punset
In Chinese – 鸽子的罗马 by 大卫 麦考利

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