Have You Heard? Audiobooks on Libby/Overdrive
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Have You Heard? Audiobooks on Libby/Overdrive

If you haven’t have the pleasure of a listen to one of our Audiobooks, allow Librarian Aisha to entice you.

As new listener to audiobooks, let me list why you should start today:

Variety of Genre and lengths

The first audiobook I listened to was Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell. It is hard for non-fiction books to hold my interest, yet this book entertained, informed and fascinated me on my daily commute.

Do you want to learn something new? Or even finish that self help book that was part of your New Year’s Resolution? Or maybe you want a thrilling mystery? Or something to laugh out loud to? Or maybe something quick? You can find it here!

Easy to Download

Libby is most likely the most used app on my phone. It is easy to search through the library’s digital content: if you are looking for a specific title or author (or narrator) you can type it in the search. The audiobook results have a picture of earphones under the book cover image.

If you just want to browse, you can see the audiobook collections by adjusting your Format preference to “audiobook.” The front page on Libby will then show some suggested audiobook titles. If you scroll further down it will also show you a link to “Popular” or “New” titles.

Multitask Galore

Sometimes you have to put your book down right when it gets good. The temptation is try and read when you reach a red light as you drive is too great. It is only another half an hour before you are home, but you just got to know. Finding out what happens next in audiobook will not have your fellow drivers beeping at you as you ignore the greenlight.

Listening to a book on your commute makes the drive something to look forward to. This works to motivate me to go on my daily walk (another New Years Resolution). I plug my headphones in, open the app and let the words pull me into all kinds of worlds.

Check out our Getting Started with Libby guide to learn more about this app and how to use it. The Libby app is available from your app store, and all you need to access thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks is your Plano Public Library card.

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