Plano Reads: Pigs
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Plano Reads: Pigs

Oink, oink! We’re back with another trip to the farm and another book list, this time with some of our favorite pig stories.

Whether your child enjoys listening to stories or is ready to read on their own, this book list has something for everyone to enjoy.

This Saturday on our “Saturday Stories on the Farmstead” we are at the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, Texas to have a storytime about pigs! Be sure to check our Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. on December 12 for the premiere. Check out our teaser below, including a look at the Farmstead’s newest pig, Jolene!

Whether you’re looking for a story to share or to learn something new, this list has you covered. You can see the books below and place them on hold in our catalog.

Board Books

Note: Board books are unavailable for holds requests. To check out these titles, you’ll need to come to a library and grab it from the display. The catalog link will show you where the book is available.

Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton Request
Pookie’s mom lists ten things she knows about Pookie.

Pigs Oink by Rebecca Glaser Request
Pigs eat and wallow in the mud in this photographic board book.

Baby Pig Pig Talks by David McPhail Request
Baby Pig Pig’s mother teaches him the sounds that other animals make.

Picture Books

Olivia by Ian Falconer Request
Whether at home getting ready for the day, enjoying the beach, or at bedtime, Olivia is a feisty pig who has too much energy for her own good.

Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folguiera Request
When a pig visits a frog pond, sits on a rock, and says only “Ribbit!”, news spreads fast but only the wise old beetle has an explanation.

I Know a Wee Piggy by Kim Norman Request
A cumulative, rhyming tale of an ordinary pig who leaps out of his boy’s arms at a state fair and wallows in color after color, turning himself into a work of art.

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff Request
One thing leads to another when you give a pig a pancake.

Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini Request
Gritch the witch flies to Old MacDonald’s farm for some pigs to make a piggie pie, but when she arrives she can’t find a single porker.

The Book Hog by Greg Pizzoli Request
The Book Hog loves books and has a large collection, although he never learned to read.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka Request
The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.

Early Readers

A Pig, a Fox, and a Fox by Jonathan Fenske Request
Using his look-a-like doll, Fox tries to prank his friend Pig, with unexpected results.

Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant Request
Poppleton the pig moves from the city to a small town, where he makes new friends and spends Mondays reading adventure books in the library.

Party Pigs! by Eric Seltzer Request
Pigs slurp. Pigs chomp. Pigs burp. Pigs romp. This group of pigs also knows how to throw a really fun party!

Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother Oliver by Jean Van Leeuwen Request
Five stories about Amanda who wants to do everything that Oliver does. She even wants to be Mighty Pig, just like Oliver. But what happens when Oliver doesn’t want to play with his sister?

Tales of Amanda Pig by Jean Van Leeuwen Request
Amanda Pig, her brother Oliver, and their parents share a busy day, working and playing together from breakfast to bedtime.

Happy Pig Day! by Mo Willems Request
Piggie celebrates her favorite day of the year, but Gerald the elephant is sad, thinking that he cannot join the fun.

Junior Fiction

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo Request
After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

Babe: The Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith Request
A piglet comes to Farmer Hogget’s farm, where he is adopted by an old sheepdog and accomplishes amazing things.

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White Request
Wilbur, the pig, is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer’s Christmas dinner until his spider friend, Charlotte, decides to help him.

Junior Non-Fiction

Pig Detectives by Rosie Albright Request
Tells how pigs are trained to use their strong sense of smell to find truffles, bombs and land mines.

Pigs by Quinn M. Arnold Request
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of pigs, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a pig’s growth process from embryo to piglet to mature pig.

Meet a Baby Pig by Jennifer Boothroyd Request
This title explores the life cycle of a pig in the wild as well as exploring pig traits and behaviors relevant to farm life.

Pigs by Gail Gibbons Request
Examines the basic characteristics, common breeds, intelligence, behavior, life cycle, and uses of pigs.

Pigs on the Family Farm by Chana Stiefel Request
An introduction to an animal’s life on a farm for early readers. Find out what a pig eats, where it lives, and what pigs are like on a farm.

Be sure to browse the library catalog online here, and use your library card number and PIN (last four digits of your phone number) to place a hold request.

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