Plano Reads and Reviews: Exhalation
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Plano Reads and Reviews: Exhalation

Exhalation: Stories by Ted Chiang is reviewed by Evan, a staff member at Schimelpfenig Library.

A master of short stories, Ted Chiang is a four-time Hugo Award winner and four-time Nebula Award winner—truly a giant in modern sci-fi writing. Chiang’s Exhalation (2019) is a collection of nine profound stories that will blow your mind.

From time portals discovered by an ancient Baghdad alchemist to communication between one’s selves from parallel timelines, these stories do not only explore fascinating scientific ideas but also speculate on the potential impact of such premises on our society. In reading great science fiction, we learn about ourselves.

Exhalation is available in multiple formats and languages at Plano Public Library. Find them here:

Print | Large Print | eBook | eAudiobook | Chinese

We also recommend Chiang’s earlier collection, Stories of Your Life and Others (2002), as well as the film Arrival (2016), adapted from one of his stories.

For similar short stories, check out In Persuasion Nation (2006) by George Saunders.

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