Plano Reads:  Sheep
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Plano Reads: Sheep

Baa, baa black sheep, have you any books? We do! Join us on another trip to the farm with some of our favorite sheep stories.

This Saturday on our “Saturday Stories on the Farmstead” we are at the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, Texas to have a storytime about sheep! Be sure to check our Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. on October 24 for the premiere.

From fiction to facts, this list has something for everyone! You can see the books below and place them on hold in our catalog.

Board Books

Note: Board books are unavailable for holds requests. To check out these titles, you’ll need to come to a library and grab it from the display. The catalog link will show you where the book is available.

Where Is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox Request
There are red sheep and blue sheep, wind sheep and wave sheep, scared sheep and brave sheep, but where is the green sheep? The search is on in this cozy, sheep-filled story that comes complete with sleepy rhymes and bright illustrations.

Baa Baa, Black Sheep by Annie Kubler Request
Add to the fun of signing by singing well-known nursery rhymes and songs.

Hide ‘n’ Sheep by Jennifer Sattler Request
A sheep tries to convince the reader that he is all the other animals on the farm – from pigs to chicks.

Sheep Go to Sleep by Nancy Shaw Request
At the end of the day, tired sheep return to their shed but none can sleep until the collie arrives, giving a hug, a drink of water, and more until all have begun to snore.

Sheep in a Shop by Nancy Shaw Request
Sheep hunt for a birthday present and make havoc of the shop, only to discover they haven’t the money to pay for things.

Picture Books

Sheep Dog and Sheep Dog by Eric Barclay Request
An oblivious sheep wants to be the best sheep protector around, but unbeknownst to her, Sheep is being steadfastly guarded by a patient sheep dog.

Those Magnificent Sheep in Their Flying Machine by Peter Bently Request
Tired of standing still on their old hill, several sheep board an airplane for a round-the-world adventure.

Wally Does Not Want a Haircut by Amanda Driscoll Request
Wally the sheep does not want to get the haircut he really needs, even after all the other farm animals get new hairdos, but when his shaggy wool gets him in trouble, he has no choice but to ask for a trim.

Let Me Sleep, Sheep! by Megan McKinlay Request
It’s bedtime for Amos, who smiles as he closes his eyes and counts some fluffy sheep trotting away in the grass. Until suddenly…THUD. And then another. “Not again!” says the first sheep, now on Amos’s floor. “I was having my wool clipped,” grumbles the second. None too happy at being interrupted, the woolly pair fire a battery of questions at Amos, most importantly, “Where’s the fence?” So Amos sets out to build one to their specifications, then is asked to test it out, of course. In this laugh-out-loud read-aloud, a couple of crafty sheep put a child through his paces – and show that a tuckered-out kid at bedtime is a win-win all around.

The Sheep Who Hatched an Egg by Gemma Merino Request
Lola is upset when her perfect, silky wool grows back tangled and messy after all the sheep have to get haircuts.

Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton Request
Russell the sheep tries all different ways to get to sleep.

Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw Request
Records the misadventures of a group of sheep that go riding in a Jeep.

Sheep in a Shop by Nancy Shaw Request
Sheep hunt for a birthday present and make a havoc of the shop, only to discover they haven’t the money to pay for things.

Early Readers

Counting Sheep by Julie Glass Request
A child counts sheep and other animals in multiples of two, three, four and five before falling asleep.

A Fly Went By by Marshall McClintock Request
A sheep with its foot caught in a tin can sets off a chase with a fly in the lead.

Sea Sheep by Eric Seltzer Request
Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text introduce the reader to sheep that can swim, dive, play pirates, read books, and much more.

My Friends Make Me Happy by Jan Thomas Request
Invites readers to guess, along with Sheep’s friends, the mysterious thing that starts with the letter F that makes Sheep happy.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: A Retelling of Aesop’s Fable by Mark White Request
Retells how the wolf’s plan to get into the sheep pen backfires when the farmer butchers him for a lamb dinner.

Junior Fiction

Flock to the Seaside by Martin Howard Request
The Flock thinks it’s head for a day at the beach, but just when the smell of salt water is in the air, the Farmer’s truck takes a turn into the Great-Piddlington-on-Sea Annual Farm Extravaganza. Bitzer’s ready to compete for the gold cup for best sheepdog against his archrival, Top Dog, and his fancy eHerder…if only he wasn’t missing his Flock! Can Bitzer and Shaun work double time to round up the sheep from their beach shenanigans?

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine Russel Request
When a silvery object falls from the sky, the five sheep of Eppingham Farm decide they must save the sheep god and all of the sheeply nation, despite what dangers may lay ahead on their quest.

Daisy Dawson and the Big Freeze by Steve Voake Request
When one of the lambs on the farm gets lost on the other side of the river, Daisy, who can communicate with animals, and her dog Boom help return him to the flock.

Big Bad Sheep by Bettina Wegenast Request
Unable to stand by and watch his friend Kalle become a sheep in wolf’s clothing when he gets the job of big bad wolf on a trial basis, Locke, also a sheep, takes on the job of hunter to stop Kalle’s madness.

Junior Non-Fiction

Sheep by Quinn Arnold Request
An exploration of the life cycle and life spans of sheep, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a sheep’s growth process from embryo to lamb to mature sheep.

Meet a Baby Sheep by Jennifer Boothroyd Request
This book details the growth and development of baby sheep from birth to adulthood. Readers will learn in general about birth, life cycles, and inherited traits as well as specific facts and information about sheep.

Bighorn Sheep by Melissa Gish Request
A look at bighorn sheep, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their horns, behaviors, relationships with humans, and their endangered status in the world today.

Dall Sheep Migration by Rebecca Hirsh Request
Describes the life of the American Dall sheep, commonly called mountain sheep; discusses their migration, its purpose, and its route; and lists threats Dall sheep may face in their lives and on their migration.

Sheep on the Family Farm by Mari Schuh Request
An introduction to an animal’s life on a farm for early readers. Find out what a sheep eats, where it lives, and what they are like on the farm.

Adult Non-Fiction

Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs: 163 Breeds from Common to Rare by Carol Ekarius Request
From the large-tailed Karakul sheep to the floppy-eared Gloucestershire Old Spot pig, North America is home to an extraordinary array of livestock. Comprehensive, colorful, and captivating, Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs features full-color profiles of 163 livestock breeds. Whether you’re lookin for a gentle domestic backyard animal or are hoping to introduce a rare heritage breed on your farm, you’re sure to find an animal that’s perfect for your needs.

The Field Guide to Fleece: 100 Sheep Breeds and How to Use Their Fibers by Deborah Robson Request
With this compact portable reference in hand, crafters can quickly and easily look up any of 100 different sheep breeds, the characteristics of their fleece, and the kinds of projects for which their fleece is best suited. Each breed profile includes a photograph of the animal and information about its origin and conservation status, as well as the weight, staple length, fiber diameter, and natural colors of its fleece. This is a great primer for beginners, and a handy guide for anyone who loves working with fleece.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep by Paula Simmons Request
Whether you’re about to acquire your first sheep or are interested in diversifying your operation with rare breeds, Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep covers everything small-scale sheep farmers need to know to keep their animals healthy and productive. Drawing from years of hands-on experience, Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius provide expert advice on breed selection, lambing, feeding, housing, pasture maintenance, and medical care. You’ll also find tips on profitably marketing your meat and fiber products, as well as information on obtaining organic certifications.

Sheep: Small-Scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver Request
Sheep offers both neophyte and seasoned sheep keepers a wealth of information for healthy, thriving flocks. Readers get advice straight from the farm – together with detailed charts, a comprehensive glossary, tips from hobby shepherds, and fun sheep trivia. Whether they are being kept as pets or a business venture, sheep are winning additions to any small-scale farm!

Be sure to browse the library catalog online here, and use your library card number and PIN (last four digits of your phone number) to place a hold request.

Be sure to check our Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. on October 24 for the premiere of our next installment of Saturday Stories at the Farmstead!

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