Grow into Reading with Theme Backpacks
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Grow into Reading with Theme Backpacks

Take home a Theme Backpack today to create your own themed storytime!

What Is a Theme Backpack?

Have you ever sought out books on a particular topic, such as transportation or the zoo, only to find yourself lost among the thousand and thousands of picture books Plano Public Library has to offer? Theme Backpacks are a resource you don’t want to miss out on!

Freshly rebranded into Theme Backpacks, these handy sets contain materials centered around a certain theme. With around five picture books, manipulatives, and suggested activities or rhymes, Theme Backpacks have everything you need to share a fun DIY storytime with your child! Popular topics include Feelings, Food, Farm animals, and over 30 more.

Learn more about Theme Backpacks with the video below:

Checking Out and Returning Theme Backpacks

Place a Theme Backpack on hold for pickup at any of the five Plano Public Library locations. Read our guide to placing and picking up holds for detailed instructions on how to navigate the holds process, or contact any of our libraries for assistance.

Here are all of the Theme Backpacks in the library catalog for easy requesting.

Now that the library has reopened for browsing, Theme Backpacks can be selected and checked out without placing a hold! See the library website for service updates.

To return a backpack, no need to try and fit it through the book drop: See our porch side specialty return instructions for details on how to return STEAM kits and other special items such as Inter-Library Loans.

Once a Theme Backpack is returned, it is set aside for quarantine like all library returns. After 72 hours, a staff person checks the backpack to be sure all required items are present and in working order. If something is missing or we have a question, we will reach out; otherwise, it goes on to the next person!

Other Kinds of Backpacks

In addition to Theme Backpacks, Plano Public Library offers two other kinds of backpack: Bilingual Backpacks and Sensory Backpacks! Learn about them here:

Bilingual Backpacks

Bilingual Backpacks feature materials to provide you and your child with an introduction to speaking another language! In addition to languages such as Chinese and Spanish, Plano Public Library offers English as a Second Language backpacks to help English Language Learners.

Search and reserve our full collection of Bilingual Backpacks through the library catalog.

Sensory Backpacks

Designed with children with special needs and autism in mind, Sensory Backpacks often include reading materials and manipulatives to introduce different topics such as Conversation, Self-regulation, and Daily living.

Search and reserve our full collection of Sensory Backpacks through the library catalog.

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