Types of Playaway at the Library
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Types of Playaway at the Library

Playaway makes reading and learning fun and easy through a variety of devices, available at the library.

Playaway Audiobooks

Playaway audiobooks are pre-loaded, self-playing digital audio books on a small device available for you to check out. Pop in a AAA battery and plug in headphones, you are ready to read!

You can use the audio jack with headphones and auxiliary cords for listening while you walk, clean, drive and workout.

See our collection of Playaway audiobooks in the library catalog. You can also search “audiobooks playaway” as a keyword search.

We have Playaway audiobooks for adults, teens and kids, so if you are looking for a specific age-range, be sure to select your Target Audience on the left side toolbar in the catalog.


We’ve written about Wonderbooks before, and they are a great resources available at the library!

Wonderbooks are read-along children’s books which come with ready-to-play audio already built-in. Each book has an MP3 player on the inside front cover with easy-to-use controls for kids, and the audio on every Wonderbook can be played through the speaker on the side or by connecting headphones to the bottom of the device. They have a Learning Mode, which is a narrator-led question and answer session, promoting reading comprehension and showing parents how to engage in deeper dialogues with their children about books.

Wonderbooks do not require physical batteries. These books may need to charge up to an hour using a micro USB for audio to work.

With over 165 popular children’s titles to choose from, enjoy something for everyone! Wonderbooks include picture books, early readers, junior fiction, nonfiction and Spanish selections just right for kids ages 3-10. See the entire collection in the library catalog.


Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets with activities for kids, teens and adults to extend your learning experience. Kids Launchpads come with learning apps in a variety of subjects (reading, intro to science and math, and more) for hours of interactive learning. Teen and Adult Launchpads focus on higher skill-building for tests (SAT, ACT, AP) and brain games for memory.

Launchpads do not require physical batteries, nor Internet or a credit card. They may need to charge using a micro USB to work.

We also use Launchpads in our Bilingual Backpacks as many have language-learning activities. When you click on the link below to view the list, you can select a Language in the left toolbar to see Launchpads in other languages.

With over 300 Launchpads in the library collection, there is something for everyone. See the entire collection online here.

Launchpad Reading Academy

Help your child master verbal, reading, and writing skills with Launchpad Reading Academy! Kids can jump in at their current reading level and advance from there with multi-sensory learning tools all on one device. Like regular Launchpads, no Internet nor credit cards are needed.

In these Launchpads, there are tools for parents and teachers to evaluate current skills, watch kids master those skills and more.

Each Launchpad comes with:

  • Apps that use gamified learning tools for mastering critical skills from letter recognition to complex spelling and comprehension
  • Storybooks that combine seeing and hearing words at the same time to increase retention, comprehension, and vocabulary. And teach kids to read out loud with expression
  • Videos that add a contextual element to the learning process and help kids make a deeper connection with language

See the library catalog for Launchpad Reading Academy devices.


Bookpacks bring the pre-loaded audio devices together with a print book perfect for following along for children of all ages. Bookpacks include classics like The Secret Garden and The Jungle Book, favorites like Frog and Toad and Curious George, and many more.

Bookpacks are the easiest way for emerging and struggling readers, auditory and special education learners, and ESL patrons to develop literacy skills.

Help young readers:

  • Improve reading comprehension and retention
  • Expand vocabulary skills
  • Build phonemic awareness and fluency

Browse the collection of Bookpacks in the library catalog.

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