Q&A with NASA Solar System Ambassador, Part 2
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Q&A with NASA Solar System Ambassador, Part 2

Les Murray, a NASA Solar System Ambassador, presented as part of our Wonder Café series answering questions about space.

Wonder Cafe: Explore the Night Sky was a virtual presentation from Les, who wrote a quest post here on our blog. Attendees sent questions ahead of time, and had even more during the workshop. The recording of the workshop is below:

There were a few questions Les had to spend time to research and answer, which you can read on the Sky Ambassador blog here. Some of the questions and answers include recommendations for telescopes, local stargazing and stargazing apps.

Additional Learning

eBooks about the stars, space and astronomy available using your Plano Public Library card, free through the Libby app:

Written in the Stars: Constellations, Facts And Folklore by Alison Davies

Ever looked up and longed to know more about the constellations that inhabit the night sky? This is the perfect guide to discovering the stars and their stories. Written in the Stars leads you through the heavens above as you discover the scientific facts, legends and myths that surround the 88 constellations of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Choose a Career Adventure at NASA by Don Rauf

What do people do at NASA (and in outerspace)? Readers pick from eight different scenarios and experience “next best thing to being there yourself” opportunities for interactive career exploration.

Stars and Galaxies by DK

Explore the stars and constellations of the Milky Way and beyond in Stars and Galaxies. From dwarfs to supergiants, learn about the glowing balls of hot gas that make the night sky come alive.

Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner

Award-winning author-artist Bob Barner takes readers on a ride through outer space to visit distant planets and dazzling stars. The simple rhyming text and colorful torn-paper collage illustrations make this book perfect for the very youngest readers, and the Meet the Planets and Meet the Galaxy sections, both bursting with facts, will engage older readers as well.

Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Gregory Mone

From the basics of physics to big questions about the nature of space and time, celebrated astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down the mysteries of the cosmos into bite-sized pieces.

With your library card, you can use Kanopy, a video streaming service. Within the regular Kanopy site, there is a subject category Astronomy & Aeronautics, featuring 200+ documentaries and movies.

Through Kanopy Kids (unlimited views!), there are a variety of educational videos to learn more about space, perfect for a younger audience:

SkyGirls (SciGirls series) from PBS

Virginia SciGirls Emma, Lauren and Madison have the ultimate “stratus update!” Teaming up with NASA scientists, they identify clouds from the ground and compare their data with satellite images, ultimately creating a “mostly cloudy” museum display.

Ready Jet Go! series from PBS

READY JET GO! takes viewers on a journey into outer space, building on children’s curiosity about science, technology and astronomy.

Star Stuff

For every child who has ever looked up at the stars and asked, “What are they?” comes the story of a curious boy who never stopped wondering: Carl Sagan. When Carl Sagan was a young boy he went to the 1939 World’s Fair and his life was changed forever. From that day on he never stopped marveling at the universe and seeking to understand it better.

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