Q&A with NASA Solar System Ambassador
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Q&A with NASA Solar System Ambassador

Read (our first!) guest article from Les Murray about our upcoming virtual presentation answering your questions about NASA, Space and the Sky.

My name is Les Murray, a NASA Solar System Ambassador, and on July 25 at 11 a.m., I will be giving an online presentation that will be answering questions you send in about NASA, Space and the Sky. 

The NASA Solar System Ambassador program recruits and trains motivated volunteers to spread the excitement of Astronomy, Space Exploration and the Earth Sciences. We are trained by the actual NASA Scientists, Program Managers and Astronauts working on these amazing missions. We get to ask questions of the NASA experts and learn directly from them. Our goal is to share that experience with you so everyone can enjoy the wonders of exploring space and the world around us.

I will be giving a short presentation on what is up in the sky this month and how to see it, followed by answering your NASA, Space and Astronomy questions. Please submit your questions ahead of time, so I can make sure to recognize you on the call, have pictures and videos to help explain the answer. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I can ask the experts at NASA! Submit questions on this form by July 20.

NASA has had a huge impact on our lives bringing those shimmering points of light up in the sky into focus. Teaching us all about the moon, and inspiring us with brave astronauts willing to risk their lives to help us learn a little more about the universe we live in. Showing us how to live in space for over 20 years at the International Space Station (ISS). Sending robotic missions to planets and moons across our solar system.

NASA also Inspires us with incredible images of galaxies and nebulas from the Hubble Space Telescope and amazing pictures of other worlds. Right now, NASA has the Parker solar probe, diving through the sun’s atmosphere. Juno taking incredible images of Jupiter. New Horizons recently flying by Pluto and Ultima Thule in the outer solar system. This year SpaceX launched American Astronauts for NASA to the ISS. In 2024, we’re going back to the moon, and eventually on to Mars.

And one way that you can participate in all this excitement is to get outside, observe the stars, nebulas and planets from your own backyard! During the time of social distancing, this is a great activity for you and your family. Your family can learn the sky together and we will give you some tips for doing that during this online presentation.

Wonder Cafe: Explore the Night Sky, a virtual workshop with NASA Solar System Ambassador Les Murray, is on Saturday, July 25 at 11 a.m. on Zoom. Register online here.

Have a question about NASA, astronomy, space and the sky? Submit your questions on this form by July 20.

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