Virtual Program Recap 11
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Virtual Program Recap 11

While the library is closed, we’re offering virtual program opportunities to learn at home on our Facebook page!

Over the past week we put together a variety of science and art activities you can do at home with some common supplies. Watch the videos below to see what each activity is, and download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

Be sure to check the City of Plano calendar of events to see what’s happening with the Library and other City departments.

Rolling in Paint

Get the ball rolling with hands-on painting! We are using balls of all shapes, sizes and textures to create a unique masterpiece.

This art activity is not only fun but helps your child develop their coordination skills through manipulating the box and ball to create different patterns or shapes on the paper. This activity will also help to develop their exploration and experimentation skills, using balls of differing sizes and textures will result in different patterns and your child can explore a variety of ways to create their perfect masterpiece.

Mother Goose Mania – Baa Baa Black Sheep

Nursery rhymes are a great source of new vocabulary, making it easier for you to introduce new concepts to your child. This program builds on nursery rhymes you already know (Baa Baa Black Sheep) and introduces new and expanded ways to explore those rhymes. We’ll be using common household items and simple craft supplies for a fun activity: cotton ball painting. This allows us to explore textures while also building fine motor skills needed for writing.

Water Cycle

The water cycle describes how water evaporates from the surface of the earth, rises in the atmosphere, cools and condenses into rain or snow in clouds, and falls again to the surface as precipitation. This means you’re probably drinking the same water thirsty dinosaurs drank nearly 65 million years ago!

In this activity we’ll make a small-scale water cycle using a zip-top bag, some water and a sunny window.

Water Filtration

We’re engineering our own water filtration system to create clean water! Everyday we use water to clean our dishes, clothes and hands, but how do we clean the water itself? Filtration systems are important for helping clean larger particles out of water. Let’s take a look at what elements are involved in physical filtration and make our own.

Be sure to download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

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