Virtual Program Recap 9
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Virtual Program Recap 9

While the library is closed, we’re offering virtual program opportunities to learn at home on our Facebook page!

Over the past week we put together a variety of science and art activities you can do at home with some common supplies. Watch the videos below to see what each activity is, and download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

Be sure to check the City of Plano calendar of events to see what’s happening with the Library and other City departments.

Build a Boat

Have you ever wondered how boats stay afloat? A floating boat displaces (or pushes aside) the water around it, but the water pushes back on the boat. If a large amount of water is displaced, there will also be a large amount of force that is pushed back on the boat. This force is what supports the boat and keeps it afloat.

In this activity, we are testing this out by creating a boat out of aluminum foil and seeing how much our boat can hold before it sinks.

Read our instructions, get the supply list and see additional resources here:


Explore life under the sea with these early literacy activities! In the Discovery Time: Ocean Lab virtual program, we are making Gross Motor Dice (to help your child gain strength and confidence in their whole body movements) and a Fish Puppet (to develop your child’s language skills and vocabulary through storytelling).

By encouraging your child’s wonder and interest in the natural world promotes empathy for living creatures. As they get older, they will continue caring for the natural world around them.

Read our instructions, get templates and the supply list, and see additional resources here:

Coffee Filter Camouflage

There are many animals in our world that hide in plain sight! This is what’s known as a form of camouflage. For this activity, we are using some household items (markers, coffee filters, water) to see if we can create our own form of camouflage to blend in with our surroundings.

Read our instructions and see additional resources here:

Balloon Rocket

Ever wonder what makes rockets fly? Let’s find out by building one ourselves! Real rockets use rocket fuel, like the gas used in cars, which causes an explosion that shoots out of the bottom of the rocket pushing it up off the ground. Our balloons are doing the same thing, just with air.

Read our instructions and see additional resources here:

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