DIY Literacy with Library Make: Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars
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DIY Literacy with Library Make: Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

How can pipe cleaners help prepare your child to learn to write?

Hand strength is essential when learning to write. Threading beads or cereal onto pipe cleaners helps your child develop the muscles that are essential for fine motor tasks such as fastening buttons or holding a pencil. Watch this episode of Library Make to make this simple literacy DIY at home.

Watch this episode of Library Make to learn how to make pipe cleaner caterpillars!

Writing is one of the five Early Child Ready to Read pillars. Children become more aware that printed letters stand for spoke words as they see print used in their daily lives.

This pre-writing activity helps children strengthen intrinsic hand muscles, prepares your child with the skills necessary for functional pencil grasp and eventually learning to write.

Download our Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars instruction guide to learn how and why to make these bendy friends for your early learner. Instructions include an introduction to the topic, a supply list, steps to make the activity as well as additional resources from the library.

Check out the library collection for more creative activities for your child:

Be sure to head over to our YouTube channel for our Library Make video playlist. Learn how to make a shoe box flannel board, salt tray, fabric book and so much more. Happy making!

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