One-on-One Help at the Library
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One-on-One Help at the Library

Learn the basics, plus tips and tricks, of a variety of technology with the help of our library staff.

The Book-a-Librarian service at Plano Public Library is for our community to utilize when they need undivided attention on a particular topic. We have helped people download apps and use eBooks, format pages in Word and find specific genealogy resources.

Photoshop class at Parr Library
Our expert staff can help you with digital creation basics

Our creative and expert staff have come up with a slate of basic Digital Creation Space classes you can request using Book-a-Librarian. Library staff will help you learn the basics, plus tips and tricks for Adobe Creative Cloud and other media tools:

Digital Cartography: learn to create topographic (terrain) using InDesign or Photoshop. Course focuses on clipping masks, layering, and multiplying effects

Digital Painting: practice using brushes, noise filters and layers to create backgrounds

Illustrator – Digital Illustration: learn how to create cool digital graphics

InDesign – Create a Calendar: design a personalized calendar that you can print or use digitally

Photoshop – Image Editing 101: learn the basics of image editing

Podcasting & Audio Editing: learn the basics of audio editing and creating your own podcast

Premiere – Video Editing 101: learn the basics of video editing

If there is a particular topic or software not listed, send a request and include this information in the form. Our staff may be able to help or point you to library or local resources to get your started.

A view of computers in the Digital Creation Space at Haggard Library
The Digital Creation Space at Haggard Library is on the first floor

Beginning January 2020, the Digital Creation Space at Haggard Library will no longer just be for teens in grades 6-12, but open to ages 13 and up. This reflects the service provided at the Parr Library Digital Creation Space, making them the same. Be on the lookout for the spring Engage brochure to see what classes are slated in this space.

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