3 Ways to Learn Recording Basics
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3 Ways to Learn Recording Basics

Your Plano Public Library card grants you access to many resources and experiences, including the world of audio recording.

1. Attend a Digital Creation Space class

Plano Public Library houses two Digital Creation Spaces, one at Haggard Library and the other at Parr Library. Both spaces come equipped with computers with Adobe Creative Cloud and various digital media project equipment: microphones, keyboards, drawing tablets, cameras, tripods and more. At this time, the Haggard Library DCS location is for teens in grades 6-12 and Parr for ages 13+; however, beginning January 2020, both spaces will be for ages 13+.

Both spaces offer a variety of digital media technology classes. Learn how to light a room, take photos and edit using Photoshop; explore video creation and editing with a green screen; create animations and digital paintings. See the latest Engage brochure for upcoming classes.

Another workshop on our schedule this fall is Voice-Over Demo Basics. Next meeting Monday, November 18 at 7 pm at Parr Library, aspiring voice actors will learn the basics of recording a voice-over demo using Adobe Audition and our equipment. During this class you will focus on the technical aspects of record a demo: setting up and using a mic, audio editing and music overlay.

2. Schedule one-on-one help

Photo of staff helping a patron learn Adobe
Book time with our staff to help you learn the basics

In our DCS, you can book one-on-one assistance with a library staff person at Haggard and Parr libraries to learn the basics and tips for Adobe Creative Cloud and digital creation tools. Possible topics include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Digital Cartography: using InDesign or Photoshop, create a topographic (terrain) and learn about clipping masks, layering and multiplying effects
  • Digital Painting: practice using brushes, noise filters and layers to create backgrounds
  • Image Editing 101: learn the basics of image editing using Photoshop
  • Podcasting and Audio Editing: learn the basics of audio editing and creating your own podcast
  • Video Editing 101: learn the basics of video editing with Premiere

3. Check out training videos on Lynda.com

Your library card grants you access to Lynda.com, which provides online courses taught by industry experts covering a variety of topics (including business, design, web development and multimedia skills) and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications). There is an entire library of Audio and Music training through Lynda. Click the images below to start these courses:

Audio Recording Techniques, beginner course covering microphones and
other equipment, adding music and producing records
Microphone Techniques: Essentials, beginner course covering fundamentals of
microphones, understanding microphone specs and utilizing other tools
Audition CC 2019 Essential Training, beginner course covering importing audio,
multitrack editing, recording audio and exporting the final mix

Have you used one of our Digital Creation Spaces? What projects are you working on?

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