Unleash Your Creativity with Only Hook and Yarn
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Unleash Your Creativity with Only Hook and Yarn

Post written by Teen Street Team member Vijay

Simply put, crocheting is the process of making objects by interlocking various strings with a crochet hook. People of all ages love this activity because it gives them some time to think and calms the mind. Luckily, Teen Street Team (TST, the teenager library advisory board) is hosting a crocheting program on June 22 at Haggard Library from 2:30-4:30 p.m. For this program, we invite all 8th-12th graders and free tickets will be available 30 minutes prior to this program. 

Don’t have experience? Don’t worry! In this program, knowledgeable teenagers will help everyone crochet flowers or granny squares, patterned fabric squares. Since crocheting is regarded as very beginner friendly and much easier than knitting, you are welcome in this program even if you have never touched a crocheting hook. That being said, if you want to learn a little bit more before the program or if you want to learn how to crochet even if you are not in 8th-12th grade, feel free to check out the library resources below. 

Library Resources for Crochet

There are so many helpful crocheting books that you can access. In lots of these books, you can find helpful tips, different techniques, and guides to make different objects. These books are perfect if you would like to come into the program with some experience or if you are just curious.  

“How-to Crochet” Books

Are you an elementary schooler and still want to learn how to crochet? This kit is perfect for you and it has all the supplies you need to get started including crocheting books, granny squares, yarn, hooks, and a couple of plastic containers: Elementary Crochet STEAM Kit

Coming Up with TST

Murder Mystery by Teen Street Team 

Are you super excited for this program? If so, get ready for July 21 at Schimelpfenig Library. At 2:30 p.m., all attendees will be assigned a character and in the ensuing two hours, will have to solve the mystery of the century! 

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