Have You Heard About VOXBooks?
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Have You Heard About VOXBooks?

Give your tentative reader a little extra encouragement with new read-along books at Plano Public Library. VOX books allow your child to listen to a lively narrator while they read along. VOX books can be used with or without headphones for individual or group enjoyment.

Pairing print and audio can be very helpful, especially when learning to read. For new or struggling readers, hearing a fluent narrator often helps match the words heard with the words seen on the page. Hearing words aloud also increases the ability to identify sight words, and helps readers understand tone and pacing. Research shows that multisensory learning, like pairing reading and listening, helps improve our comprehension, recall and fluency.

Browse the catalog or visit any Plano library to check out our selection of these award-winning books in English, Spanish, Chinese and Junior Readers.

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