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Preschool to Grade 2

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These recommendations come from resources like The Horn Book, Scholastic, and the Association of Library Service for Children. Each child learns to read at their own pace and these lists are suggestions for the age level indicated. The titles on each list are just a starting point and not meant to be exhaustive. 

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Picture Books

Wonder Walkers by Micha Archer, available as Print | eBook 

Two curious children go for a walk, asking imaginative questions about the natural beauty that surrounds them. 

Every Little Kindness by Marta Bartolj, available as Print 

When one act of kindness sparks another… anything is possible! As a girl searches for her lost dog, a simple act of generosity ripples into a wave of good deeds. In the course of a single day, this considerate action weaves lives together and transforms a neighborhood for the better. Follow the story of how every little kindness, shared from person to person, can turn a collection of strangers into a community, and–even though we might not always see it–make the world a more vibrant and compassionate place to be. 

Memory Jars by Vera Brosgol, available as Print 

Freda uses jars to save everything from a chocolate chip cookie to the full moon, just as her grandmother saves summer blueberries. Includes a recipe for blueberry jam. 

Shhh! The Baby’s Asleep by JaNay Brown-Wood, available as Print 

Baby is finally asleep, and Mama is trying to shush the rest of the family; but when they are all finally quiet baby wakes up – and it is up to big brother Dante to find the right book to read so everyone can get some rest. 

The Little Butterfly That Could by Ross Burach, available as Print | Junior World Language 

This comical companion to Ross Burcah’s The Very Impatient Caterpillar pays loving homage to every child’s struggle to persist through challenges while also delivering a lighthearted lesson on butterfly migration. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, fly, fly again. 

Shapes and Colors by John Canty, available as Print 

A multi-tiered new concept book about shape and color sorting and object identification. With fresh and appealing illustrations and a striking design, this isa concept book with longevity. 

All Because You Matter by Tami Charles, available as Print | ebook 

A lyrical, heart-lifting love letter to Black and Brown children everywhere reminds them of how much they matter, that they have always mattered and that they always will. 

We Shall Overcome by Bryan Collier, available as Print 

Following in the footsteps of one young girl, Collier traverses between historic Civil Rights monuments and contemporary political protests happening today. Beautifully interwoven with song lyrics that embody a message of strength and overcoming adversity, this is a story to inspire and unite. 

I’m Not Small by Nina Crews, available as Print 

A young boy can feel small in a world made up of big things, but when he takes a closer look, he discovers that he is big, too. 

Bear Builds a House by Maxwell Eaton III, available as Print 

The bear from Maxwell Eaton’s Bear Goes Sugaring returns in this fascinating follow-up, and this time, she’s going to build a house entirely from scratch! To do so, she’ll need time, careful planning, sturdy materials, and a whole lot of help from. . . most of her friends. Readers will see a house built before their very eyes as they are guided through detailed descriptions of each step in the construction process, from site selection, to chopping trees to make wooden planks, to laying down foundations, insulation, and power and plumbing. Key to the process is Bear’s attention to sustainable architecture, an excellent lesson for kids who want to learn about clean energy and sustainable planning. 

Light for All by Margarita Engle, available as Print 

Illustrations and easy-to-read text tell of travelers who have left their homelands to bring their talents, hopes, and determination to a land where Liberty’s light shines for all. 

A Song of Frutas by Margarita Engle, available as Print 

While visiting her abuelo in Cuba, a young girl helps him sell frutas, singing the name of each fruit as they walk, and after she returns to the United States, they exchange letters made of abrazos – hugs. Includes historical and cultural notes. 

Don’t Hug Doug by Carrie Finison, available as Print | eBook | eAudiobook 

Doug prefers not to be hugged, but there are a variety of other ways his loved ones can show him affection. 

When I Wake Up by Seth Fishman, available as Print 

A young child contemplates four different paths their day may take. 

Uncle John’s City Garden by Bernette G. Ford, available as Print 

While visiting her uncle John in the city for the summer, an African American girl, L’il Sissy, her siblings, and uncle transform an empty lot into a vegetable garden. Includes recipe for succotash. 

The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess by Tom Gauld, available as Print 

When a wooden robot prince forgets to say the magic words that turn his sister from a log into a princess she is thrown away, so he goes on an epic journey to find her and bring her back. 

First Friend: How Dogs Evolved from Wolves to Become our Best Friends by Kersten Hamilton, available as Print 

A sweet picture book about how dogs evolved from wolves to become man’s best friend. 

A House by Kevin Henkes, available as Print 

Bright illustrations paired with interactive call-and-response questions tell of what makes a house a home. 

Little Houses by Kevin Henkes, available as Print 

A young girl visiting her grandparents at the beach stays in a little house and walks along the shore gathering seashells, wondering about the creatures who used to live in each shell, about the hidden treasures of the sea – and about the world. 

Circle Under Berry by Carter Higgins, available as Print | eBook 

It’s a puzzle. It’s a read-aloud. It’s a Rubik’s cube on paper. This striking, delightfully different exploration of shape, color, and patterns redefines what a picture book can be. Read it once, read it ten times; see something new every time. An elegant and simple approach to explorations of profound depth, this enigmatic, thought-provoking concept book shows young readers that everything in the world can be seen from infinite perspectives. 

The Lost Package by Richard Ho, available as Print 

A tour of the busy work that takes place at post offices is depicted through the journey of a lost package that receives a little help reaching its destination, proving that distance cannot keep loved ones apart. 

Peppa Loves Doctors and Nurses by Lauren Holowaty, available as Print 

It’s People Who Help Us day at playgroup so Peppa and her friends get a very special visit from Dr. Brown Bear and Nurse Fox. They’ve come to show the children how to keep fit, eat healthy, and most importantly, always remember to wash their hands! Then the children get to have a go at playing doctors and nurses. 

I Am the Subway by Kim Hyo-Eun, available as Print 

A cinematic journey through the Seoul subway that masterfully portrays the many lives we travel alongside whenever we take the train.  

Something’s Wrong!: A Bear, a Hare, and Some Underwear by Jory John, available as Print 

Jeff the bear is sure he has forgotten something when he sets out from home, but none of the animals he meets initially inform him that he is only wearing his underwear, until he reaches his friend Anders the hare – who quickly thinks of a way to avoid embarrassing Jeff, by starting a fashion trend. 

Room for Everyone by Naaz Khan, available as Print 

Musa and his sister travel to a Zanzibar beach in a shared minibus which, despite Musa’s protests, gest loaded with everything from a man and his bicycle to ten swimmers. 

The Shape of Home by Rashin Kheiriyeh, available as Print 

It’s Rashin’s first day of school in America! Everything is a different shape than what she’s used to: from the foods on her breakfast plate to the letters in the books! And the kids’ families are from all over! The new teacher asks each child to imagine the shape of home on a map. Rashin knows right away what she’ll say: Iran looks like a cat! What will the other kids say? Open this book to join Rashin in discovering the true things that shape a place called home. 

Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle by Nina LaCour, available as Print 

When her mother goes on a business trip, a little girl, who loves to sit between Mama and Mommy at the table, misses her a lot and feels empty until Mommy finally comes home, filling the void with love. 

A Day for Sandcastles by JonArno Lawson, available as Print 

A dazzling wordless picture book celebrates creative problem-solving, teamwork, and the sun-splashed wonder of a day at the beach. 

Chaiwala! by Priti Birla Maheshwari, available as Print 

When their train makes a ten-minute stop at the station in Jaipur, a young girl and her mother hurry to get in line for a cup of chai. The girl orders two cups, then delights in watching the chaiwala at work – grinding the spices, adding scoops of tea leaves and sugar to the bubbling, boiling milk, then cooling the chai by pouring it from high, back and forth, back and forth – the girl is mesmerized. With a biscuit and a rusk added to their order, mother and child find a spot in the crowded station to rest and enjoy the moment. And that first sip…aaaahhh. Then it’s time to wave goodbye to the chaiwala and hurry back to the their train to continue their journey. 

Fluffy McWhiskers: Cuteness Explosion by Stephen W. Martin, available as Print 

Fluffy McWhiskers is so cute that anyone who sees her instantly explodes, making it difficult for the little cat to find a single friend. 

Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty, available as Print 

Dad has posted a list of chores for the family to do before grandma comes, including bathing the cat; but the cat does not want a bath, so she mixes up the instruments, and soon the family is mowing the floor, vacuuming the lawn, mopping the baby – and the house is in chaos. 

Little Bird’s Day by Sally Morgan, available as Print 

A heartening read-aloud about a day in the life of Little Bird, who sings the world alive, files with Cloud, travels with Wind, nestles with Moon, and dreams of flying among the stars. 

As Babies Dream by Lesléa Newman, available as Print 

Animal and human parents show unconditional love for their babies. 

You Are Enough: A Book About Inclusion, available as Print 

It can be hard to be different – whether because of how you look, where you live, or what you can or can’t do. But wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? Being different is great! Being different is what makes you YOU. 

The Legend of Gravity: A Tall Basketball Tale by Charly Palmer, available as Print 

Have you ever heard of Gravity? No, not gravity, the centrifugal force pulling us to Earth. I’m talking about Gravity – the greatest ball player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. 

Climb On! by Baptiste Paul, available as Print 

When a young child reminds her dad about the hike they planned, her father is hesitant – to the tippy top? It’s a great day to watch futbol (soccer). But as the two climb on, her enthusiasm in contagious. Filled with setbacks, surprises, and stunning views, this warm and humorous story highlights in vivid colors the bonding power of a shared experience. A list of creatures at the end prompts a second look for keen-eyed readers to make discoveries of their own. 

I Really Want to Win by Simon Philip, available as Print 

Our heroine and her sidekick pup have their eyes on the prize and are ready to find something to win. They compete in a spelling bee, a dancing contest, hide-and-seek, and more in search of a shiny medal. But what will happen if they…don’t walk away the winner? 

A Seed Grows by Antoinette Portis, available as Print  

To understand how a seed becomes a sunflower, you have to peek beneath the soil and wait patiently as winding roots grow, a stalk inches out of the earth, and new seeds emerge among blooming petals. With evocative and lively illustrations, A Seed Grows offers a close-up view of each step of this process and the ways in which flowers and seeds depend on other creatures, with a striking fold-out spread of a full-grown sunflower and additional material at the back of the book explaining the science of plant life cycles. 

¡Vamos! Let’s Cross the Bridge by Raúl the Third, available as Print 

Little Lobo and Bernabé are bringing supplies to the big celebration in the country across the bridge – but everyone else seems to be going, too! During the long delay, they see all kinds of people on the bridge for different reasons and speaking different languages, but when someone has a grumpy moment, they all come together to make the wait as good as can be. 

Dancing with Daddy by Anitra Rowe Schulte, available as Print 

Elsie can’t wait to go to her first father-daughter dance. She picked out the perfect dress and has been practicing and swirling and swaying in her wheelchair. Elsie’s heart pirouettes as she prepares for her special night. With gestures, smiles, and words from a book filled with pictures, she shares her excitement with her family. But when a winter storm comes, she wonders if she’ll get the chance to spin and dance her way to a dream come true. 

Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round by Wendy Wan Long Shang, available as Print 

Presents a song set to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus,” where a multigenerational family enjoys a culturally rich meal. 

Dear Treefrog by Joyce Sidman, available as Print 

“With magical, concise and perceptive poems, Newbery-Honor winning author Joyce Sidman captures the life of a tree frog in an intimate and moving way. A master of the science note, her fascinating sidebars help bind the twin poems together and ground our perspective. We learn how treefrogs have sticky toe pads, how they still themselves when in danger, how they can change from green to gray to camouflage themselves – even how they eat their own skins, which is full of nutrients. The narrator’s connection with this small creature brings solace, comfort, and a sense of mystery.”– Provided by publisher. 

Best Day Ever! by Marilyn Singer, available as Print 

A sweet dog-loves-kid/kid-loves-dog story, in which the kid uses a wheelchair, from an award-winning children’s poet and talented debut illustrator. 

Powwow Day by Traci Sorell, available as Print 

Because she has been very ill and weak, River cannot join in the dancing at this year’s tribal powwow, she can only watch from the sidelines as her sisters and cousins dance the celebration–but as the drum beats, she finds the faith to believe that she will recover and dance again. 

Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor, available as Print | eBook 

Follow Mel on her journey from downward fall to triumphant flight in this tale of self-confidence and taking a leap of faith. 

Eric by Shaun Tan, available as Print 

When a foreign exchange student comes to live with a typical suburban family, he brings with him a boundless sense of curiosity – and a stream of unexpected questions (which his hosts are never quite sure how to answer). But when the moment comes to say good-bye, a beautiful surprise awaits, and a gift the family will never forget. 

Nibi’s Water Song by Sunshine Tenasco, available as Print 

Nibi, a Native American girl, cannot get clean water from her tap or the river, so she goes on a journey to connect with fellow water protectors and get clean water for all. 

Building Zaha: The Story of Architect Zaha Hadid by Victoria Tentler-Krylov, available as Print 

The city of Baghdad was full of thinkers, artists, and scientists, the littlest among them Zaha Hadid. Zaha knew from a young age that she wanted to be an architect. She set goals for herself and followed them against all odds. A woman in a man’s world, and a person of color in a white field, Zaha was met with resistance at every turn. When critics called her a diva and claimed her ideas were unbuildable, she didn’t let their judgments stop her from setting goals and achieving them one by one, finding innovative ways to build projects that became famous the world over. She persisted, she followed her dreams, and she succeeded. 

Big Truck, Little Island by Chris Van Dusen, available as Print 

Based on a real incident that occurred in the island town of Vinalhaven, Maine, this rhyming story recounts what happens when a really big flatbed truck carrying a mysterious, covered load across a small island gets stuck on a tight curve and blocks traffic in both directions. 

Dream Street by Tricia Elam Walker, available as Print 

“Real-life cousins pay gorgeous homage to the street they grew up on and the loving community that made their childhood special”– Provided by publisher. 

Dad Bakes by Katie Yamasaki, available as Print 

Dad rises before the sun, goes to work at the bakery where he kneads, rolls, and bakes bread, and as the world starts its day, Dad heads home to his young daughter where they play, read, and bake together. 

Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf by Sam Wedelich, available as Print 

When Chicken Little runs into the Big Bad Wolf (literally), her first instinct is to fly, like the other chickens, but she decides to investigate instead – and finds this particular wolf is not interested in eating chickens, he is just looking for a place to call home. 

Inside Cat by Brendan Wenzel, available as Print | eBook 

Told in rhyming text, Inside Cat views the world through many windows, watching the birds, squirrels, and people go by – but when the door opens it discovers a whole new view. 

Off Limits by Helen Yoon, available as Print 

Dad’s office is off-limits – which only makes it more intriguing to his curious young daughter. As soon as she sees an opening, she sneaks in to have a look around. After all, there’s no harm in just looking, right? What she discovers is a magical wonderland of sticky tape, paper clips that make glorious strands, and a kaleidoscopic array of sticky notes. Who could possibly resist playing with those? 

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Early Readers

Frank and the Bad Surprise by Martha Brockenbrough, available as Print 

Frank the cat is happy at home with his two humans until they bring home a puppy who disturbs his entire way of life, so after running away and finding out how unwelcoming the world outside is he makes his way back to where he belongs. 

Cornbread & Poppy by Matthew Cordel, available as Print 

Cornbread LOVES planning. Poppy does not. Cornbread ADORES preparing. Poppy does not. Cornbread IS ready for winter. Poppy…is not. But Cornbread and Poppy are the best of friends, so when Poppy is left without any food for the long winter, Cornbread volunteers to help her out. Their search leads them up, up, up Holler Mountain, where these mice might find a new friend…and an old one. 

Ty’s Travels: Beach Day! by Kelly Starling Lyons, available as Print 

Ty turns an ordinary day in the sandbox into a fun beach day. He wiggles his toes in the sand, finds seashells, builds a castle, and splashes in the ocean. When his neighbor’s beach ball flies into his backyard, Ty learns that a beach day is even better with a friend. 

Fish and Sun by Sergio Ruzzier, available as Print 

One day, bored little Fish journeys up to the surface of the ocean where it meets Sun, and a wonderful friendship blooms…Only, right in the middle of their fun, Sun starts to set! 

A Magic Spark by Jessica Young, available as Print 

Ruby, Iris, and Pip first met on their first day of fairy school, and they immediately become best friends, testing their wings, and enjoying their magical adventures – but sometimes it takes a little time for a fairy to find her true magic spark. 

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Chapter Books

The Bad Guys in The One?! by Aaron Blabey, available as Print | eBook 

Snake’s terrible powers are revealed while Agent Fox suddenly has a whole lot more backstory than expected. 

Super Rabbit Boy’s Team-Up Trouble! by Thomas Flintham, available as Print | eBook 

When King Viking, Miss Business, and their henchmen team up to cause trouble, Super Rabbit Boy and Mega Mole Girl also join forces, but will they be able to work together to save Underland? 

Dragon Girls: Azmina the Gold Glitter Dragon by Maddy Mara, available as Print 

Azmina, Willa, and Naomi are thrilled to learn they’re Glitter Dragon Girls. Summoned to the Magic Forest by its magnificent ruler, the Tree Queen, the girls quickly find out their dragon-selves have unbelievable abilities … As Dragon Girls, they are sworn protectors of the forest and must help keep it safe from the troublesome Shadow Sprites, who are determined to take the forest’s magic for their own. 

Endlessly Ever After: Pick Your Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings! by Laurel Snyder, available as Print 

In this rhyming mash-up of many fairy tales, the reader is invited to follow Rosie down the many possible paths which may lead to a sleeping maiden, a hungry wolf, a girl locked in a tower, or a goose that lays golden eggs – but with some luck, and some smart choices, Rosie may save herself and her fellow fairy tale characters. 

Heat of the Lava Dragon by Tracey West, available as Print |eBook | Playaway | eAudiobook 

Drake’s friends Mina and Caspar, their dragons, and Worm were trapped in stone by the evil wizard Astrid who has stolen their dragons’ powers, but Drake himself was saved from a similar fate by Astrid’s sister Hulda; now because of his strong connection with Worm, Drake is able to help his dragon to break free, but to free the others they need the assistance of three other dragons–a lava dragon, a sea dragon, and a wind dragon–and they have to do it before Astrid can steal the powers of even more dragons. 

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Graphic Novels

Otto: A Palindrama by Jon Agee, available as Print 

A graphic novel told entirely in palindromes about a young boy named Otto who goes on a strange and fantastical adventure while searching for his dog, Pip. 

Hound Heroes: Beware The Claw! by Todd Harris Goldman, available as Print 

Meet the Hound Heroes: fearless Captain Chihuahua, the big-hearted Great, Great Dane, super-speedy Poodle Girl, cyborg pup Power Pug, and the lovable yet irritating Super Sheep Dog. Together they make up a crack team of earth’s furriest heroes! In this first adventure, the Hound Heroes’ origin story is revealed when a spaceship crashes in their backyard, giving them superpowers! But they aren’t the only ones who benefit – neighborhood alley cat The Claw also gains powers, and she only wants one thing: to destroy the Hound Heroes! 

Boris the Cat: The Little Cat with Big Ideas by Erwin Moser, available as Print 

Boris is a special cat! Be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, Boris and his friends experience big and little adventures every day, often without even looking for them! From driving a bathtub to pretending to be a scarecrow to helping a friend, these charming comic-book style mini-stories – told in six pictures – are perfect for read aloud and beginning reader fun. 

Cat Kid Comic Club by Dav Pilkey, available as Print | eBook 

In Cat Kid Comic Club, Li’l Petey, Flippy, and Molly introduce twenty-one rambunctious, funny, and talented baby frogs to the art of comic making. As the story unwinds with mishaps and hilarity, readers get to see the progress, mistakes, and improvements that come with practice and persistence. 

Dog Man: Mothering Heights by Dav Pilkey, available as Print | eBook 

Dog Man and Petey face their biggest challenges yet in the tenth Dog Man book from worldwide bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is down on his luck, Petey confronts his not so purr-fect past, and Grampa is up to no good. The world is spinning out of control as new villains spill into town. Everything seems dark and full of despair. But hope is not lost. Can the incredible power of love save the day? 

Paige Proves It: The Mystery Monster by Amy Marie Stadelmann, available as Print 

Upheavals and pandemonium are definitely on the horizon! Adrenaline, the daughter of the famous Gaulish chieftain is being hunted down by the Romans. She secretly finds refuge in the village of our indomitable Gauls – the only place in Roman-occupied Gaul that can guarantee her protection. And let’s just say that having this very special teenager around will cause plenty of confusion, and not just for Obelix… 

Sir Ladybug by Corey R. Tabor, available as Print 

Sir Ladybug never shies away from a quest, even when he’d rather be playing a video game or baking a cake. So when a caterpillar needs rescuing from a “monster” (a hungry chickadee), Sir Ladybug and his trusty friends – his herald, a roly-poly named Pell, and his squire, a snail named Sterling – hatch the perfect (delicious) plan. 

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Junior World Language

Chanco la estrella by Aaron Blabey, available as Print 

¡La versión en español de Pig the Star! El pug más egoísta del mundo quiere ser la estrella de una divertida sesión de fotos. Hasta aparta del camino a su buen amigo Tomás y acapara todo el vestuario. Sin embargo, el fotógrafo prefiere a Tomás, así que Chancho hará cualquier cosa por robarse el show. 

Los Tipos Malos en combustible intergaláctico by Aaron Blabey, available as Print 

In this hilarious illustrated chapter book series, bad guys are doing good deeds… whether you want them to or not! The bad news? The world is ending. The good news? The Bad Guys are back to save it! Sure, they might have to “borrow” a rocket. And there might be something nasty in one of the spacesuits. And Mr. Piranha might have eaten too many bean burritos. Surviving this mission may only be one small step for man, but it’s one giant leap for the Bad Guys. 

Book of Questions: Selections (Libro de las preguntas: selecciones) by Pablo Neruda, available as Print 

This Spanish-English bilingual edition is the first fully illustrated selection of Book of Questions. Comprising 70 questions of the original 320, these poems, carefully woven together by theme and accompanying full-page illustrations, invite us to wonder at the natural world and the myriad mysteries it contains. 

El Club de Cómics de Supergatito by Dav Pilkey, available as Print 

In Cat Kid Comic Club, Li’l Petey, Flippy, and Molly introduce twenty-one rambunctious, funny, and talented baby frogs to the art of comic making. As the story unwinds with mishaps and hilarity, readers get to see the progress, mistakes, and improvements that come with practice and persistence. 

Hombre perro. Cumbres maternales by Dav Pilkey, available as Print 

Dog Man and Petey face their biggest challenges yet in the tenth Dog Man book from worldwide bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is down on his luck, Petey confronts his not so purr-fect past, and Grampa is up to no good. The world is spinning out of control as new villains spill into town. Everything seems dark and full of despair. But hope is not lost. Can the incredible power of love save the day? 

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Nonfiction and Biographies

The Tide Pool Waits by Candace Fleming, available as Print 

Twice a day when the tide goes out, an astonishing world is revealed in the tide pools that fall along the Pacific Coast. Some of the creatures that live here look like stone. Others look like plants. Some move so slowly it’s hard to tell if they’re moving at all, while others are so fast you’re not sure you really saw them. The biggest animals in the pool are small than your hand, while the smallest can’t be seen at all without a microscope. During low tide, all these creatures – big, small, fast, slow – are exposed to air and the sun’s drying heat. And so they have developed ways to survive until the ocean’s return. 

Shaped By Her Hands: Potter Maria Martinez by Anna Harber Freeman and Barbara Gonzales, available as Print 

The most renowned Indian potter of her time, Maria Poveka Martinez learned pottery as a child under the guiding hands of her Ko-aunt. She grew up to discover a new firing technique that turned her pots black and shiny, and made them – and Maria – famous. This inspiring story of family and creativity illuminates how Maria’s belief in sharing her love of clay brough success and joy from her New Mexico Pueblo to people all across the country. 

13 Ways to Eat a Fly by Sue Heavenrich, available as Print 

Thirteen flies become tasty snacks in this clever reverse counting book about predators and prey. Science meets subtraction as a swarm of flies buzzes along, losing one member to each predator along the way. Includes a guide to eating bugs, complete with nutritional information for a single serving of flies. 

Eleanor Makes Her Mark: How Eleanor Roosevelt Reached Out, Spoke Up, and Changed the World by Barbara Kerley, available as Print 

All her life, Eleanor Roosevelt hoped to “leave some mark upon the world.” She was a shy child who found joy in helping others. A passionate young adult who longed for adventure. An independent young woman who formed her own opinions. A trustworthy partner who worked tirelessly for change. So when her husband became president and she became first lady, Eleanor was ready to make her mark. With characteristic candor, compassion, and courage, she traversed the country and trotted the globe, championing the value and dignity of every human being and transforming the role of first lady. This vivacious portrait of an American icon radiates the essence of Eleanor, a model for kindness and purpose, in her time and in ours. 

How to Apologize by David LaRochelle, available as Print 

From the team behind See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog comes a funny and handy guide that explains just how (and how not!) to say I’m sorry. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone knew how to apologize? Luckily, this humorous guidebook is full of practical tips about when, why, and how to say you’re sorry. 

Our Skin: A First Conversation about Race by Megan Madison, available as Print 

An age-appropriate introduction to the concepts of race, gender, consent and body positivity, developed by an early childhood and activism experts, combines clear text with engaging artwork to help the youngest children recognize and confront unjust actions. 

How to Find a Fox by Nilah Magruder, available as Print 

Taking kids on an imaginary trek through different landscapes and seasons, How to Find a Fox celebrates one of our planet’s most graceful and enchanting creatures: the red fox. Ossi Saarinen’s stunning wildlife photos and Kate Gardner’s lively and informative words capture the magical and profound connection between animals and humans. Readers will be inspired to get outside and make their own discoveries – maybe with a camera in – hand, just like Ossi. 

Niki Nakayama: A Chef’s Tale in 13 Bites by Jamie Michalak, available as Print 

A biography of a powerhouse female Japanese chef and her rise to fame. 

Boardwalk Babies by Marissa Moss, available as Print 

In the late 19th century, there wasn’t much hope for premature babies– until Dr. Couney developed the incubator. The device was so new and strange, hospitals rejected it. So Dr. Couney set up a sideshow at Coney Island, taking care of the tiniest newborns as part of a display to convince the public that incubators worked. Thousands of babies grew into healthy children as Boardwalk Babies, including Dr. Couney’s own premature daughter. Many of those babies came back as adults to thank the doctor for his miracle cures. Science meets magic show in this fascinating true story. 

Orca Rescue!: The True Story of an Orphaned Orca Named Springer by Donna Sandstrom, available as Print 

In 2002, a young orca was discovered in Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington – lost, starving, alone and 300 miles away from her home waters in Canada. Six months later, the orca, named Springer, was rescued, rehabilitated and reunited with her pod near the north end of Vancouver Island. It was the first successful orca rescue and reunion in history! Now, Springer’s complete story is told in a kid-friendly narrative, accompanied by evocative watercolor illustrations and interspersed with short nonfiction spreads that offer more information about orcas and the intelligent and playful behavior that has made them a favorite animal of kids everywhere. Readers will discover what it’s like on the frontlines of a whale rescue, how we can help endangered species, and the power of working together to achieve a common goal. 

Solitary Animals: Introverts of the Wild by Joshua David Stein, available as Print 

This lyrical, nonfiction text honors animals who live in solitude, in contrast to others who live in groups. Against a backdrop of the specific names of various animal tribes (a parade of elephants, a tower of giraffes, a dazzle of zebras), Stein shines a spotlight on those animals who go through life on their own. With nature at his back, Stein invites readers to draw strength and comfort from the behaviors of fellow mammals. Perfect for children who tend to be alone and their parents…as well as all children, who will be encouraged to respect the “natural” choices of their peers. 

Let Liberty Rise: How America’s Schoolchildren Helped Save the Statue of Liberty by Chana Stiefel, available as Print 

The true story of how schoolchildren helped fund the construction of the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty in New York City. 

Sarah and the Big Wave: The True Story of the First Woman to Surf Mavericks by Bonnie Tsui, available as Print 

Have you ever seen a big wave? One that’s 20, 30, 40, even 50 feet tall? Here’s a better question: would you ever surf a big wave? Sarah Gerhardt did – and this is her story. Full of thrills and scientific facts, Sarah and the Big Wave is about the first woman to surf Mavericks, a break known as “Mount Everest meets Niagara Falls.” This is a tale of adventure and indomitable spirit. 

Hidden Wonders! by Walter Wick, available as Print 

Optical illusions abound! Explore a world of toys, an enchanted ball, the farthest reaches of outer space, and more. 

From the Tops of the Trees by Kao Kalia Yang, available as Print 

A powerful true story of a young girl who has never known life outside a refugee camp and a father determined to help her dream beyond the fences that confine them. 

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