22 Apr, 2024

Polar Animals

25 mins read

Are you ready to explore the polar regions? If you’re ready to learn about animals , adaptations and snow, check out this resource list with titles for readers of all ages. Whether you’ve never seen a polar bear or you can name 100 arctic animals, this list includes something for everyone. Resources include: 

  • Board BooksDurable titles on sturdy pages designed for little hands that introduce polar animals and simple concepts. 
  • Picture BooksA selection of picture books for all ages with different polar animals. 
  • World Language MaterialsA selection of picture books for all ages in various languages. 
  • Children’s NonfictionA selection of titles exploring the polar regions and animals designed for younger readers
  • DVDs and Blu-raysA selection of DVDs related to learning your numbers. Many titles are based on picture books.
  • eContentElectronic books, audiobooks, free streaming videos, and similar resources related to numbers and counting. 
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