18 May, 2024

New Baby

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Is your family expecting a new baby? Check out this resource list with titles for mom, dad, and even older siblings. Resources include: 

  • Board Books: Durable titles on sturdy pages designed for little hands that introduce the new baby. 
  • Picture Books: A selection of picture books for all ages about welcoming a new baby or sibling. 
  • World Language Materials: A selection of picture books for all ages in various languages. 
  • Children’s Nonfiction: A selection of titles exploring pregnancy and babies designed for younger readers. 
  • Theme Backpacks: Host a story time at home using these backpacks, which include books, manipulatives and other resources related to a particular theme. 
  • DVDs: A selection of DVDs related to welcoming a new baby or sibling. Many titles are based on picture books. 
  • eContent: Electronic books, audiobooks, free streaming videos, and similar resources related to pregnancy, newborns, and being an older sibling. 
  • Resources for Parents: A selection of titles on pregnancy and new babies for adults. 

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Board Books 

Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller 
The arrival of anew sibling can be a confusing and frustrating time for a toddler. This book offers help to prepare them for the downfalls and delights of having a younger brother or sister. 

Everything You by Elizabeth McPike 
A mother and father welcome a new baby into their lives. 

You’re Here! by Karla Oceanak 
Celebrates the arrival of a new baby and the milestones a baby will reach in its first year. 

Welcome Home, Baby! by Abigail Tabby 
Rhyming text and illustrations celebrate the joys of family as parents welcome their new baby home, introducing him to the place where he will grow up. 

Picture Books 

Sophie and the New Baby by Laurence Anholt 
Sophie waits through the seasons of the year for her sibling to be born and then experiences mixed
feelings about the new baby. 

I Love You, Baby by Giles Andreae  
A child shares the joy of a new baby sibling, from the messy hair above a little forehead to the two ticklish feet below pudgy ankles. 

I Used to Be the Baby by Robin Ballard 
A young boy helps his mother take care of his baby brother. 

This Baby by Kate Banks 
While waiting for it to be born, a young child wonders what its new sibling will be like. 

The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby by Stan and Jan Berenstain 
Small Bear outgrows the bed his father made him when he was a baby – and none too soon. 

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall 
After learning that his parents are expecting a baby, a young boy asks several people where babies come from and gets a different answer from each before his parents have a chance to give the right answer. Includes advice on answering questions about reproduction. 

Will It Be a Baby Brother? by Eve Bunting 
A little boy is certain that his expectant mother will give birth to a baby brother. 

There’s Going to Be a Baby by John Burningham 
A young boy imagines what life will be like when his new sibling arrives. 

Raisin, the Littlest Cow by Miriam Busch 
When her mother has a new little cow, Raisin hates the changes his arrival creates, but when she sees how scared the new baby is during a thunderstorm, she offers comfort and is even inspired to give him a name as sweet as her own. 

The New Small Person by Lauren Child 
Elmore Green likes being an only child, so when his parents bring a new small person, his baby brother, into the house he is not pleased and does his best to keep the new small person out of his life. 

Theo’s Mood by Maryann Cocca-Leffler 
Members of Theo’s class help him understand his feelings about becoming a big brother. 

I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole 
A child observes all the things his new baby brother does and gives all the reasons why he loves being a big brother. 

I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole 
A sister enumerates the joys of welcoming a new baby to the family and the advantages of already being “big.” 

It’s All About Me! by Nancy Cote 
A little boy is upset and jealous when his baby brother is born, but his parents reassure him that he is still special. 

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman 
When her parents find a baby wolf on their doorstep and decide to raise him as their own, Dot is certain he will eat them all up until a surprising encounter with a bear brings them closer together. 

Little Brown Bear and the Bundle of Joy by Jane Dyer 
When Little Brown Bear learns that his parents are expecting “a bundle of joy,” he sets out to discover what that means and is not at all happy with what he learns. 

Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble by Tatyana Feeney 
Although he has to share his mom and dad with nine new tadpoles, Little Frog learns to love being a big brother. 

Where Did That Baby Come From? by Deb Gliori 
A creature wonders where his strange younger sibling came from – a squeaking, leaking baby that should surely be set free. 

Hi, New Baby! by Robie H. Harris 
A father recalls his young daughter’s reactions to her new baby brother.   

Mail Harry to the Moon by Robie H. Harris 
Harry’s older brother, unhappy that the new baby seems to have taken over, dreams up imaginative ways to get rid of him. 

No Room for Baby! by Émile Jadoul 
Leon is worried.  There’s a new baby penguin in his home.  And though Marcel is sleeping in his crib now, he can’t stay there forever. 

His Royal Highness, King Baby:  A Terrible True Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones 
On one horrible day, a new ruler is born into a young princess’s family:  a ruler she dubs His Royal Highness, King Baby.  This small interloper is so smelly.  He is so noisy.  And all the talk in the Land is about him (Such a nice burp!  Oh, what a lovely poo-poo!), nonstop, ALL THE TIME!  Has there ever been such an era of wicked rule? 

How to Be a Baby – By Me, the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones 
An all-knowing big sister gives her baby sibling lessons in being a baby. 

Just Like Me by Marjorie Newman 
Tom is not happy about the arrival of his new baby brother until his parents show that change can be a positive experience. 

Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend 
A family helps Mom deliver her baby at home. 

Nine Months: Before a Baby Is Born by Miranda Paul 
As a baby grows in her mother’s tummy, a soon-to-be big sister and her family spend nine months preparing for the newest member of the family to arrive. 

Now We Have a Baby by Lois Rock 
A simple introduction to babies and what it is like to be part of a family with a new baby. 

Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal 
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow Little Miss as she learns to be a wonderful big sister. 

Ready, Set…Baby! by Elizabeth Rusch 
Big kids Anna and Oliver give young readers the inside scoop on what to expect when a new baby is expected. In a fresh picture book/comic style, Ready, Set…Baby offers up a funny, loving, reassuring peek into life as a big brother or sister – with solid information, kid-friendly humor, and even tips for parents on how to help kids thrive when the new baby arrives. 

Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Baby? by Barney Saltzberg 
Cornelius’s new baby brother is getting all the attention, but he isn’t very much fun. He can’t do any of the things Cornelius likes. When will the baby be able to talk and eat and play? And does Mom love him best? 

Olive Marshmallow by Katie Saunders 
When Archie notices his mummy’s tummy growing, he knows something strange is happening. And when a fluffy pink bundle arrives back home, Archie wonders if life will ever be the same again. 

Splat and the New Baby by Rob Scotton 
Splat the Cat can’t wait to be a big brother. So when his mom brings home a special little guest, Splat races from his room, slides down the banister, and skids across the hall, only to find his mom holding…a crocodile?! It’s not the baby Splat was expecting, but he’s determined, no matter how messy, smelly, and tricky it gets, to be the best big brother he can be! 

Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah! by Jonathan Shipton 
When her parents tell her they are expecting a baby, Emily sets to work on a list of pros and cons. 

Super Saurus and the Egg by Deborah Underwood 
Arnold’s imaginary adventures as Super Saurus are interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious egg which could contain a horrible villain for Super Saurus to vanquish or a new baby brother or sister. 

Hello In There!:  A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting by Jo Witek 
This oversized interactive book is a heartfelt look at the wonder of excitement of waiting…and waiting…and waiting for a new sibling to arrive. The charming protagonist is so eager to step into her role as a big sister that she’s starting early! She sticks close to her mama so she can sing songs to her sibling-to-be (loudly, of course) and explain all the great things waiting in the outside world (cupcakes! strawberries! swimming!). 

Ninja Baby by David Zeltser 
Nina has always been quick, sneaky, and very independent, a Ninja baby – but then her parents bring home a Kung Fu Master, and Nina has to reconsider her strategy. 

World Language Materials 

Xiao Feifei he xin di di by Laurence Anholt 
Sophie waits through the seasons of the year for her sibling to be born and then experiences mixed feelings about the new baby. 


Soy Un Hermano Mayor by Joanna Cole 
Hay alguien nuevo en casa. ¡Es nuestro bebé! ¡Ahora soy un hermano mayor! 

Soy Una Hermana Mayor by Joanna Cole 
Hay alguien nuevo en casa. ¡Es nuestro bebé! ¡Ahora soy una hermana mayor! 

Hola, Hermanito by Robie H. Harris 
A father recalls his young daughter’s first reactions to her new baby brother. 

La Hermanita de Froggy by Jonathan London 
Froggy hoped for a brother to play with so he is disappointed with his new baby sister, Pollywogilina, but only until she is old enough to start learning from her big brother. 

Children’s Nonfiction 

9 Months by Courtney Adamo 
Can you believe that every one of us started as a tiny egg in our mummy’s belly? One tiny cell, not bigger than a speck of dust, will grow into a baby in just nine months time. In this book, we follow this amazing process called pregnancy, and see the miracle of a creation of a new life. 

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza:  A Big Kids’ Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters by Dianne Danzig 
With kid-friendly humor and honesty, Babies Don’t Eat Pizza covers waiting for baby and life with baby from birth through toddlerhood. Multicultural families; how babies are born, grow, and behave; adoption, premature, and special needs babies; breast and bottle feeding; twins, helping and playing with babies, older children’s feelings, and a parents’ tip page are included. 

Babies by Deborah Heiligman 
Describes how babies look and act and how they change as they grow. 

A New Baby by Jane Lacey 
Ideally, a family should be a group of people that one is comfortable being around, but when families change, that can sometimes cause difficulty for children. A new baby in a family can be particularly tough for young people to deal with. This informative book guides readers through understanding that situation. Problems are presented in an accessible way and then resolved with helpful and realistic tips. Colorful illustrations and relatable stories help readers relate to each situation. This book will prove invaluable for any reader with a changing family. 

Love That Baby!:  A Book about Babies for New Big Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, and Friends by Kathryn Lasky 
Describes how babies look, eat, talk, play, sleep, and more. 

Baby on the Way by William Sears 
Offers children expecting a new brother or sister information on what is happening and guidance through the waiting process. 

What Makes a Baby:  A Book for Every Kind of Family and Every Kind of Kid by Cory Silverberg 
Describes the processes of conception, gestation, and birth for young readers. 

Theme Backpacks 

New Baby 
Includes five picture books about a new baby and a plush baby doll. 


The Baby Tree 
Sooner or later, every child will ask:  Where do babies come from?  Answering this questions has never been this easy or entertaining.  Join a curious little boy who asks everyone from his babysitter to the mailman, getting all sorts of funny answers along the way, before his parents gently set him straight.  Based on the book by Sophie Blackall. 

Wolfie the Bunny 
When her parents find a baby wolf on their doorstep and decide to raise him as their own, Dot is certain he will eat them all up until a surprising encounter with a bear brings them closer together.  Based on the book by Ame Dyckman. 


The Berenstain Bear’ New Baby by Stan and Jan Berenstain 
Join Papa, Mama, and Brother as they welcome Sister in to the family and adjust to life with a new baby.  

The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five by Stan Berenstain 
The Bear family has a new addition…a baby girl named Honey. However, Sister isn’t sure she likes having the new baby in the three house. Honey cries, is always hungry, and gets all the attention. Will things ever get better for Sister?  

The New Small Person by Lauren Child 
Elmore Green likes being an only child, so when his parents bring a new small person, his baby brother, into the house he is not pleased and does his best to keep the new small person out of his life. 

It’s So Amazing:  A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley 
How does a baby begin? What makes a baby male or female? How is a baby born? Children have plenty of questions about reproduction and babies – and about sex and sexuality, too. It’s So Amazing! provides the answers – with fun, accurate, comic-book-style artwork and a clear, lively text that reflects the interests of children age seven and up in how things work, while giving them a perfectly healthy understanding of their bodies. 

Maple by Lori Nichols 
When Maple is tiny, her parents plant a maple tree in her honor. She and her tree grow up together, and even though a tree doesn’t always make an ideal playmate, it doesn’t mind when Maple is in the mood to be loud – which is often. Then Maple becomes a big sister, and finds that babies have their loud days, too. Fortunately, Maple and her beloved tree know just what the baby needs. 

So You’re Going to Be a Big Brother by Marianne Richmond 
Becoming a big brother is a big change. New babies need lots of attention even though they don’t do very much when they’re little. But after all the eating, sleeping, and going potty, babies need their big brothers! 

Kanopy for Kids 

Elizabeti’s Doll 
When her new baby brother arrives, Elizabeti, a young Tanzanian girl, longs for a baby of her own to hold and bathe and kiss and burp. One day she finds the perfect baby – a rock she names Eva – just the right size for holding and bathing and kissing and burping. 

That New Animal 
In a humorous look at adjusting to change, the two family dogs, Marshmallow and FudgeFudge, grumble about how that new animal – a baby – has altered their lives at home. No one wants to play, FudgeFudge has lost her place on the couch, and worst of all is that new animal smell. But when Grandpa pays a visit, the dogs are surprised at how loyal to it they have suddenly become. 

Resources for Parents 

Pregnancy Day by Day 
An illustrated reference for expectant parents explains in intricate detail every stage of a pregnancy, in a comprehensive resource that also covers labor, birth, and life with a new baby. 

The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby, available as Print | eAudio by Lauren Smith Brody 
The first three trimesters (and the fourth – those blurry newborn days) are for the baby, but the Fifth Trimester is when the working mom is born. No matter what the job or how you define work, you’re going to have a lot of questions. When will I go back?  How should I manage that initial “I want to quit” attack?  Flex-time or full-time? How can I achieve 50/50 at home with my partner? What’s the best option for childcare? Is it possible to look like I slept eight hours instead of three? And…why is there never a convenient space to pump? Whether you’re in the final stages of pregnancy or hitting the panic button on your last day of leave, The Fifth Trimester is your one-stop shop for the honest, funny, and comforting tips, to-do lists, and take-charge strategies you’ll need to embrace your new identity as a working parent and set yourself up for success. 

The New Baby Blueprint:  Caring for You and Your Little One by Whitney Casares 
From basic newborn care to breastfeeding success and from childcare choices to the emotional ups and downs of new motherhood, Dr. Casares’ advice combines important health and safety information from the American Academy of Pediatrics with honest insights from her own parenting experiences. 

Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook:  Over 125 Delicious Recipes to Satisfy You, Nourish Baby, and Combat Common Pregnancy Discomforts by Stephanie Clark and Willow Jarosh 
Featuring recipes for wholesome, unprocessed meals and snacks, accompanied by nutritional breakdowns and tips for the best ways to alleviate pesky pregnancy symptoms, Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook is the go-to guide for new moms throughout pregnancy and after. It promotes clean eating and the idea that using food as medicine is the best remedy for dealing with the symptoms that occur most during pregnancy – such as swollen ankles, bloating, and more. There are also recipes for nausea, water retention, and heartburn, as well as nibbles sure to satisfy even the most bizarre cravings, prep ahead recipes for after the baby arrives and time is precious, and power meals made for moms who are breastfeeding. 

Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade B. Curtis 
Parents-to-be will find the latest information on preparing for their baby’s birth while addressing today’s most pressing questions and concerns…including weekly development charts, up-to-date information about medical tests and procedures, safe exercises for expectant moms, and helpful hints for the father-to-be. 

The Sh!t No One Tells You:  A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year by Dawn Dais 
A laugh-out-loud guide to the first year of motherhood, filled with advice and wisdom from real moms and dads who aren’t at all afraid to tell it like it is. There comes a time in every new mother’s life when she find herself staring at her screaming, smelly “bundle of joy” and wishing someone had told her that her house would reek of vomit, or that she shouldn’t by the cute onesies with a thousand impossible buttons, or that she might cry more than the baby. Best-selling author Dawn Dais, mother of two tiny terrors, is convinced that there is a reason for this lack of preparedness. She believes that a vast conspiracy exists to hide the horrific truth about parenting from doe-eyed expectant mothers who might otherwise abandon their babies in hospitals and run for it. Eschewing the adorableness that oozes out of other parenting books, Dais offers real advice from real moms – along with hilarious anecdotes, clever tips, and the genuine encouragement every mom needs in order to survive the first year of parenthood. 

Expecting Mindfully:  Nourish Your Emotional Well-Being and Prevent Depression During Pregnancy and Postpartum by Sona Dimidjian and Sherryl H. Goodman 
Guided meditations and gentle yoga practices help you build crucial skills to prevent depression, ease anxiety, and minimize stress during this unique and important phase of your life. Clear suggestions for how to follow the program day by day are accompanied by moving suggestions from a “circle of mothers” working through the same steps. 

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids, available as Print | eBook by Jancee Dunn 
How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids tackles the last taboo subject of parenthood: the startling, white-hot fury that new (and not-so-new) mothers often have for their mates. After Jancee Dunn had her baby, she found that she was doing virtually all the household chores, even though she and her husband worked equal hours. She asked herself:  How did I become the “expert” at changing a diaper? Many expectant parents spend weeks researching the best crib or safest car seat, but spend little if any time thinking about the titanic impact the baby will have on their marriage – and the way their marriage will affect their child. Part memoir, part self-help book with actionable and achievable advice, How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids is an eye-opening look at how the man who got you into this position in this first place is the ally you didn’t know you had. 

Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too, available as Print | eAudio by Adele Faber 
Siblings Without Rivalry guides the way to family peace and tranquility with a sense of humor and compassion for both parents and children. Action-oriented and easy to understand, it’s packed with sensitive yet sensible ways to turn quarreling siblings and frustrated parents into an open, communicative family. 

Natural Pregnancy:  Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth by Lauren Feder 
Pregnancy and childbirth can be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. Whether you choose to opt for an all-natural birth, or are looking to combine conventional treatments with homeopathy and holistic medicine, Natural Pregnancy is the all-in-one reference to keep your pregnancy simple and safe. 

The Fourth Trimester Companion:  How to Take Care of Your Body, Mind, and Family as You Welcome Your New Baby by Cynthia Gabriel 
A well-cared-for baby is a baby whose mother is taking care of herself. The Fourth Trimester emphasizes that how a mother takes care of herself in the first three months of a new baby’s life brings crucial benefits for her, for her baby, and for her partner and family. 

And Baby Makes Three by John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman 
Having a baby is a joyous experience, but even the best relationships are strained during the transition from duo to trio. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework, and new fiscal concerns often lead to conflict, disappointment, and hurt feelings. Complete with exercises that separate the “master” from the “disaster” couples, And Baby Makes Three helps new parents positively manage the strain that comes along with their bundle of joy. 

7 Secrets of the Newborn by Robert C. Hamilton 
How can you get your baby to nurse, sleep, and maybe even cease crying? What strategies can help you connect and communicate with your infant? What important decisions will you make during the first year for your child, yourself, and your partner? 

Birth Without Fear by January Harshe 
An empowering, inclusive guide to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life that puts mothers first – not a particular philosophy or agenda – and offers passionate and straightforward guidance on the issues that matter most to them, so that they can have the kind of parenting experience they desire. 

What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding: A Reassuring Month-by-Month Guide for the Father-to-Be, Whether He Wants Advice or Not, available as Print |eBook by Thomas Hill 
Originally conceived as a little parody, just something funny and helpful for the expectant man, the book is now a classic gift, passed knowingly from one generations of first-time papas to the next. With this lighthearted, month-by-month instruction manual on the care and nurture of a pregnant wife – the main role of expectant dads – he’ll handle all the important milestones and topics: what not to say during the three phases of labor; what to buy, how many and when; maintaining work-life balance; maintaining work-life-wife balance. 

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth, available as Print | eBook by Genevieve Howland 
“Natural” recognizes that pregnancy and birth are normal, and that having a baby is a wondrous biological process and rite-of-passage – not a medical condition. This book draws upon the latest research showing how beneficial and life-changing natural birth is for both babies and moms. Full of weekly advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy, Howland details vital nutrition to take, natural remedies for common and troublesome symptoms, as well as the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of interventions.  

Eating for Pregnancy: Your Essential Month-by-Month Nutrition Guide and Cookbook by Catherine Jones and Rose Ann Hudson 
With 150 delicious, nutrient-packed recipes to support your health and your baby’s development. 

Conceivability: What I Learned Exploring the Frontiers of Fertility by Elizabeth L. Katkin 
A gripping account of one woman’s journey through the global fertility industry that exposes eye-opening information about the medical, financial, legal, scientific, emotional, and ethical issues at stake. 

9 Months In, 9 Months Out: A Scientist’s Tale of Pregnancy and Parenthood by Vanessa LoBue 
This books is about pregnancy and first-time parenthood, and what someone who is supposed to be an expert in infancy experiences in the 9 months of pregnancy and the 9 months that follow. The book can offer you two things. First, it offers the psychology of how a baby is developing in the 9 months of pregnancy and the 9 months that follow. Second, it provides a first-hand account of how that science translates to a parent’s experience. This book will offer you information about development from an expert in the field, alongside an honest and real time account of how that science translates to a mother’s experience. 

Expecting Better:  Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong – and What You Really Need to Know by Emily Oster 
Pregnancy – unquestionably one of the most profound, meaningful experiences of adulthood – can reduce otherwise intelligent women to, well, babies. Pregnant women are told to avoid cold cuts, sushi, alcohol, and coffee without ever being told why these are forbidden. Rules for prenatal testing are similarly unexplained. Moms-to-be desperately want a resource that empowers them to make their own right choices. Debunking myths and explaining everything from the real effects of caffeine to the surprising dangers of gardening, Expecting Better is the book for every pregnant woman who wants to enjoy a healthy and relaxed pregnancy – and the occasional glass of wine. 

Strong as a Mother:  How to Stay Healthy, Happy, and (Most Importantly) Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood:  The Only Guide to Taking Care of You! by Kate Rope 
In this practical and compassionate book, mothers will find a guide to managing their own well-being throughout pregnancy and parenthood. Topics include:  prioritizing emotional health; setting boundaries and asking for help; making choices about birth, feeding, and parenting; getting good sleep; maintaining a relationship with your partner, and self-care. Learn to trust your instincts and actually enjoy the hardest job you will ever love! 

What to Believe When You’re Expecting:  A New Look at Old Wives’ Tales in Pregnancy by Jonathan Schaffir 
Pregnant women encounter advice from many directions about how to have a healthy pregnancy – not only from health care providers, but from relatives, friends, and the Internet. Some of these pieces of advice (on topics that range from inducing labor to telling the baby’s gender to improving breastfeeding) have been handed down from woman to woman for generations, and don’t appear in any medical textbooks. Dr. Jonathan Schaffir explores the medical origins of these old wives’ tales, and examines the medical evidence that proves which ones may be useful and which ones are just entertaining. 

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide by Penny Simkin 
You want to make informed decisions about having a safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. This guide provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the many decisions that come up, allowing you to take control within your own values and priorities. 

The New Rules of Pregnancy: What to Eat, Do, Think About, and Let Go Of While Your Body is Making a Baby, available as Print | eBook | eAudio by Adrienne Simone 
Instead of a detailed, week-by-week look at your baby’s development, it’s all about you, and how to help your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible. Every aspect of pregnant life is covered from the practical details (how to fly pregnant) to the complex issues (What makes it postpartum depression?). 

Beyond the Baby Blues:  Anxiety and Depression During and After Pregnancy by Rebecca Fox Starr 
Most people have heard of post-partum depression. What many people do not know is that anxiety and depression can be experienced during pregnancy, as well, and the impact can be both debilitating and devastating. This book is a unique combination of one woman’s story of her struggle with perinatal distress and actionable advice from a professional in the field. 

Expect the Best:  Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy by Elizabeth M. Ward 
Expect the Best is a comprehensive guide for new and future parents that answers most frequently asked questions about nutrition and lifestyle habits from preconception to post-delivery. This book provides easy-to-follow sample meal plans, and an expanded recipe chapter features more than 60 simple, nutritious recipes, including vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy-free options. 

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Myra J. Wick 
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy has become a trusted resource for parents-to-be. In this fully reviewed and revised second edition, you’ll find updated guidance and practical tips, including: evidence-based medical advice for parents from a world-class team of doctors and care providers; information on pregnancy and fertility; weekly updates on baby’s growth and development; monthly explanation of changes for mom; guidance on nutrition, exercise, and weight gain; tips for working, traveling, and managing parenthood; reliable information on recent trends and technologies in pregnancy and post-partum care; and answers to difficult or embarrassing questions. 

9 Months That Made You (Kanopy) 
Discover the thrilling story of how you were made, from the moment of conception to the moment of birth 280 days later. Follow the gestation process, the most exquisite biological choreography found in nature. Using the latest research and advances in medicine, we can reveal this hidden world in forensic detail. Zeroing in on milestones along the road to creation – where critical events can change your life. 

Infants Series (Kanopy) 
The Infants series explores the milestones of growth and development in the first years of life. 

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