18 May, 2024


34 mins read

Are you ready to learn your ABC’s? Check out this resource list with titles for readers of all ages. Whether you’re just getting started with the alphabet or a pro at naming all your letters, this list includes something for everyone. Resources include: 

  • Board BooksDurable titles on sturdy pages designed for little hands that introduce the alphabet. 
  • Picture BooksA selection of picture books for all ages with different alphabet adventures. 
  • World Language MaterialsA selection of picture books for all ages in various languages. 
  • Children’s NonfictionA selection of titles exploring the alphabet and letter concepts designed for younger readers. 
  • LaunchpadsPre-loaded tablets with games and educational activities to help young learners practice their alphabet. 
  • DVDsA selection of DVDs related to learning your letters. Many titles are based on picture books. 
  • eContentElectronic books, audiobooks, free streaming videos, and similar resources related to the alphabet. 
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