17 Apr, 2024

Job Search

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Plano Public Library can assist with job searching by providing equipment, classes, printed and electronic resources, and one-on-one assistance. We have broken down the process of Job Search into five stages that you can see below. Tools and tips are available for exploring jobs and careers, building skills, preparing a resume, searching for jobs, preparing for interviews, and continuing with the next steps of professional development after securing a position.

Job & Career Toolkit

Learn about the plethora of library resources available to you to build you skills, enhance your job search, and prepare you for next steps.

Download the Job & Career Toolkit PDF

Exploring Jobs and Careers
Career exploration is the initial step in searching for the job you want. A self-assessment of your personality, interests and aptitudes can provide you a list of occupations that match your traits.  Check out these resources to navigate career options.
Job Search and Interview Skills
Learn about different job listing types and how best to navigate them. If you have an interview lined up, polish you interview skill with all of the great PPL resources.
Building Skills
Evaluate the qualifications needed for your professional goals and acquire those skills. Skill building can be done using books, digital resources, and attending classes.
Next Steps
Pursue strategies to thrive in the workplace and advance in your new career.
Preparing a Resume
Did you know that there are different types of resumes? Find out how to construct a compelling and visually appealing resume that summarizes your experience and skills.
Not sure where to start? Book-a-librarian!
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