FPL: at Schimelpfenig Library

5024 Custer Road 

Family Place Coordinator: Julie Conner

Have a playdate with the library! 

Join us to spend time together with your child, make new friends, and talk one-on-one with child development specialists at our Family Place™ Playgroup. View information about past virtual playgroup sessions here on the blog, and check our programming calendar for registration information for upcoming in-person sessions. 

Upcoming Playgroup Sessions: Fall 2022

DateTopic and Resource ProfessionalExploration Activity
Wednesday, September 21
9:30 – 10:45 am
General Parenting and Early Literacy
Featuring Plano Public Library Staff
Paper and Crayons
Wednesday, September 28
9:30 – 10:45 am
Music and Movement
Featuring Sound Starts Music Therapy
Shape Collage
Wednesday, October 5
9:30 – 10:45 am
Child Development
Featuring Early Childhood Interventions (ECI)
Sensory Bins
Wednesday, October 12
9:30 – 10:45 am
Speech, Language and Hearing
Featuring UTD Callier Center
Wednesday, October 19
9:30 – 10:45 am
Featuring Children’s Health
Finger Painting

Registration opens in person at Schimelpfenig Library on Tuesday, September 6.

Raising children can spark lots of questions. What should you expect? Is that normal? Who can help? The Family Place™ Playgroup offers caregivers the chance to ask important questions from child development experts in our community one-on-one. 

Each playgroup is a five-week session of fun, play-based activities for toddlers aged zero to three and their grownups. Explore a variety of toys, books, and hands-on activities each week. Play is an important part of your child’s learning and helps build social skills, literacy skills, vocabulary, and more. 

Weekly meetings will each cover a new topic, including early literacy and general parenting, music and movement, speech, hearing and language development, child development and nutrition. Invite your friends to join you, or make some new friends and share new experiences together. 

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