Family Place Playgroup: Weekly Topics

What should you expect? Is that normal? At our playgroups, you can meet child development experts from our community to ask questions and talk one-on-one or in small groups about your concerns. Each session covers a new topic related to child development and parenting, including: 

Early Literacy and General Parenting 

Early literacy is everything a child needs to know about reading and writing before they are ready to read and write themselves. Explore tips for sharing books and stories with your child as they grow. 

Speech, Hearing and Language Development 

Speech, hearing, and language are all tools we use to communicate with each other. Learn ways to support your child’s first attempts at language and communication. 

Child Development 

Child development is the process of how a child grows emotionally, socially, linguistically, cognitively and physically. Explore common developmental milestones and things to expect as your child grows. 


Good nutrition provides the fuel that drives your child’s early brain development. Review some tips and suggestions for incorporating good habits and healthy eating throughout your child’s early years. 

Music and Movement 

Music and movement both play an essential role in a child’s early development. Find suggestions to incorporate music, play, and learning in your daily routines. 

Each week, we invite a different community resource professional to share more about their area of expertise and answer any questions you might have about your child’s development. You can also learn from other families about their experiences, and find programs and resources to support your family’s needs. At the end of each playgroup session, you and your child will have spent valuable time together playing and forming connections that last a lifetime. 

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