Family Place Library Components

Access to early learning and child development resources, caregiver involvement, and supportive communities are all essential to a young child’s growth and development. At the center of the community, libraries play a critical role in providing access to resources and support that families need. Family Place Libraries™ transform existing library spaces into community centers that support early literacy, early childhood development, caregiver education, family support, and community information.

Each Family Place Library™ features: 

Trained Library Staff 

Staff participate in a multi-day training institute to learn more about the theory behind family-centered library services and receive hands-on training in the core components of Family Place. You can learn more about the training institute here

Family Place Playgroups 

Each playgroup is a five-week session of fun, play-based activities for toddlers aged zero to three and their grownups. Explore a variety of toys, books and hands-on activities each week. Each session includes the opportunity for children and caregivers to spend time together, chances for families to make new friends and visits from different community resource professionals.  


Our Parenting Collection includes resources on common parenting topics like child development, nutrition, pregnancy, toilet training and more. This collection features titles in Chinese, English and Spanish. Click here to explore our available catalog of materials. You can also find additional materials in our New Items collections. 

Specially Designed Spaces 

Each library includes specially designed spaces for families and caregivers to play, learn and grow together. You’ll find a variety of books, toys and other resources in this space where children are free to explore.

Collaborations and Partnerships 

We partner with local community organizations that serve families with young children. These partnerships help us share information about available community resources and enhance our programs and services.

Additional Programs for Babies and Toddlers 

Plano Public Library offers a variety of age-appropriate programming for children from birth to age five. These programs support the importance of play and healthy caregiver/child relationships in early childhood development and learning. Learn more about our Reading Readiness Storytimes or explore our programming calendar for a full list of available programs. You can also explore our Early Literacy in Action series for activities that you can do at home. 


Plano Public Library reaches out to our community via in person and virtual outreach, partnerships and social media connections. Outreach opportunities include community events, in-library small group classes, tours and more. Click here to learn more about upcoming outreach events or submit a request of your own. 

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