Building a Reading Habit #9: Random Tips
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Building a Reading Habit #9: Random Tips

Here are a few other tips to help you in your reading habit formation:

  1. Speed of reading is not important. This isn’t a race. If you worry about your reading speed it will create stress, which we’re trying to avoid.
  2. Stop if a book isn’t enjoyable. If you aren’t enjoying a book then reading becomes an unpleasant chore, and your new pastime may grind to a halt. No law says you must finish every book you start. Once you realize you don’t like a book, put it away and start a new one. Believe us, you will not run out of possible books.
  3. Always have a book with you. It is much easier to find those valuable minutes of free time for reading if you always have a book available. These days you can have a book in your eReader app on your phone. Download the Libby app and you’ll have access to library eBooks wherever you are.
  4. Find a reading friend or two, and talk about what you’re reading! Share your reading accomplishments, use a group text, get together for a monthly book talk, join a book club, form or join on online reading group.
  5. Libraries exist – you don’t have to buy books! Reading is the most accessible, affordable pastime you can find! Come see us!

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